How to Reconnect with Your Partner After Drifting Apart

If you’re in a long-term relationship, chances are you’ve experienced a drift in your relationship. While distancing from your partner doesn’t always lead to separation, it can lead to unhappiness, resentment, and bitterness.

side profile of a young man arguing with a young woman

Disconnection in a marriage is more common than you may think. Between work, home, and sometimes children in the mix, our daily lives are filled with endless tasks and responsibilities. Unfortunately, our love life is one of the first things to get pushed aside and ignored.

If you’ve been feeling a sense of distance and disconnect in your relationship, don’t be discouraged. There are many practices that can bring you and your partner back together after drifting apart.


No matter the issues in your relationship, communication is essential to bringing them to the surface. As a communications major, I’ve realized that the underlying solution to most problems is simply communicating. This means that no issues should be kept from each other. No problem is too big or too small to be shared with your partner.

Schedule regular date nights

I’m a huge advocate for regular date nights. Not only do they promote constant communication, but it’s the perfect opportunity to get some alone time. Especially if you have children. Date nights can be anything from dinner to a walk in the park, or even a quick ice cream date. The key to date nights is to use the opportunity to reconnect and rejoice that relationship.

Stop ignoring the warning signs

There’s no such thing as a relationship that failed suddenly. In most circumstances, distancing in relationships happen after months of issues and warning signs. Whether it’s the disconnection during bedtime, lack of communication, or even constantly canceled date nights. Addressing these warning signs as they happen can usually solve the problem before it grows into a scary set-back.

Make your relationship a priority

Daily life is a constant struggle between deciding between important responsibilities and urgent tasks. Although it can be easy to set aside your love life when other duties call, it’s important not to do so. A healthy love life and home life is essential to your overall health and happiness. Remember to prioritize it and treat it as a critical part of your life.