What to Wear to your Virtual Holiday Party this Year

Fashion and style have taken on new meaning this year. Loungewear has become the new norm, and nothing screams work-from-home outfit like a casual yet meeting appropriate outfit. This holiday season, parties are nothing like they used to be. For most of us, we’ll be celebrating the holidays at home, surrounded by our immediate family, and cheering with others through a screen via Zoom.

While holiday parties may look completely different, it’s a great opportunity to embrace the re-think your holiday party style. Get creative and find new ways to express yourself while also having fun and standing out (in the best way). Below are some fun and stylish ideas for what to wear to your virtual holiday party this year.

Ugly Christmas sweater (duh)

Even during such a turbulent year, an ugly Christmas sweater is a staple of the holiday season. Whether you choose to make your own or leave it to the professionals to design, an ugly Christmas sweater is one of the best options when it comes to deciding what to wear to any holiday party. This year, they’re even more relevant because their comfortable yet festive feel is what we all need right now.

Awesome accessories

Whether you choose to rock a Santa hat or opt for more stylish pieces, like bold earrings, accessories help bring an outfit together. If you’re not looking to spend your next paycheck on a fancy outfit but still want to shine at the company virtual holiday party, fun accessories can help you achieve the look.

Trendy top

If there’s anything we’ve learned after almost a year of social distancing and going virtual is that the only thing anyone on the other side of the screen sees is you from the waist up. This is a great opportunity to combine comfort and chic by showcasing your most stylish top. I love anything with puffy sleeves, a bold pattern, or a bright color.

Go glam

I’m one of those individuals that always prefer to be overdressed than underdressed. That’s why, no matter the setting, I love to use a party as an excuse to get dressed up. We haven’t had many reasons to dig into our closets and take out our best outfits this year, but it’s never too late. If you’re in the mood and spirit, use your next virtual holiday party as an excuse to get glammed up.

Don’t forget the setting

If you’ve made any effort to decorate for the holidays this year, don’t let your hard work go unnoticed. Create a setup that shows off your skills and holiday cheer with a festive background. After all, the best thing about portable devices is that we can take them wherever we want.

Happy holidays!