10 Style Upgrades Your Spring Wardrobe Deserves

Spring is here, and unlike last year, there is refreshing energy in the air. A sense of new beginnings, opportunities, and maybe even the ability to get back out there and socialize. For too many of us, quarantine took a toll on our style. Jeans were replaced with sweatpants, jackets with hoodies, and cute shoes with comfy socks to stroll around the house.

If this sounds like you, it’s time to revisit your wardrobe and make some changes before you get back out in the world. Don’t worry, doing so is easier than you think. Below are 10 style upgrades your spring wardrobe deserves.

Lightweight utility jacket

Spring weather can be unpredictable. It’s crisp in the morning, hot in the afternoon, and chilly in the evening. That’s why keeping a lightweight jacket nearby is essential. This spring, I’m loving my lightweight utility jackets.

Maxi dress

I love maxi dresses because they never really go out of style. If you invest in one this season, you’ll likely be wearing it for many more to come. Stick to a neutral color. It will increase its wearability.

Linen jumpsuit

I love jumpsuits, but sometimes, they can get a bit too toasty for warm weather. A linen jumpsuit is a perfect solution, it’s chic, lightweight, and looks good on everyone. Try a wide-leg option for even more comfort.

Wide leg jeans

Skinny jeans have come and gone from the style catalogs. Wide leg jeans are all the rage and for good reason. Wide leg, high-waist jeans look good an everybody. They’re effortless, chic, and a great staple piece.


One of my favorite items in my closet is my slip dress. These effortless dresses make it easy to throw something on and look great instantly. Slip dresses are also very versatile. You can dress them up with heels or achieve a more casual look with some stylish sneakers.

Maxi skirt

Like the maxi dress, the maxi skirt offers a comfortable, but very fashion-forward look. Maxi skirts are one of those simple pieces that require no extra fuss to look great. Pair it with a casual shirt and your outfit is complete.

Ruffle sleeve top

In the time of video calls, stylish tops have never been as important as they are now. A fun ruffle sleeve top is the perfect way to stand out in a meeting without too much effort. They’re comfortable, stylish, and oh, so chic.

Two-piece set

Unlike the usual two-piece suits, two-piece sets are a more comfortable and casual approach to a put-together outfit. These sets are great because they can be styled together for a monochrome look, or separately to create new outfits.

Bermuda short

We can’t talk about spring without talking about shorts, and no, I’m not talking about cut-off Daisy Duke shorts. I’m talking about stylish, professional, and comfortable Bermuda shorts. These shorts are a great alternative to denim shorts when you’re looking for something to stay cool in while maintaining your more professional style.

Stylish face mask

It’s nearly impossible to create a style must-haves list without mentioning face masks. That’s because the PPE item essential isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. This spring, stock up on stylish, but breathable face masks that keep you and others protected.