Five Chic Summer Trends You Can Start Styling Now

Summer is here, and if the high temperatures are dragging your style down, it’s time to get inspired. Whether you’re looking to up your style game for your summer getaway, or simply looking for inspiration for your next date night, these summer trends are sure to get you in the mood.

Fashionable young woman in elegant white paints and golden high heel shoes with handbag in hand on the city streets.

The best part? You probably already own many of these pieces. Below are five chic summer trends you can start styling right now.

Joyful Jumpsuits

I’m a huge fan of a good jumpsuit. Not only are they comfortable, but they’re versatile too! Jumpsuits can be easily transitioned from a comfortable daytime outfit to a dressy nighttime look. When shopping for a jumpsuit, make sure to stick to classic and timeless colors and styles to ensure it’s a good investment for your wardrobe.

Up Style White Button Down

One of the most classic and essential wardrobe staples has to be a basic white button-down top. Like the jumpsuit, the white button-down can be easily dressed up or down and can even serve as a cardigan when styled properly. Give new life to your basic top by layering over some fun and fashionable pieces.

Bathing suit with Bottoms

Whoever said swimwear was only for swimming was obviously mistaking. Give a second life to your one pieces by styling them with your favorite bottoms. Simply style your bathing suit like you would any of your favorite body suits and you’re ready to hit the streets. Not comfortable sporting the one-piece solo? Layer your favorite lightweight cardigan or button down top for extra coverage.

Basic Blazer

Warm weather should never be an excuse for a bad outfit. Dress up even the most casual outfit by styling it with any blazer currently in your wardrobe. Yes, even the blazer from your suit can work in this case. I love styling blazers with lightweight dresses and cut off shorts when running errands on a hot summer day.

Shine Bright  

It’s no secret that bright colors are in this summer. While this trend might not be for everyone, it’s definitely a fun and easy one to implement. Start by adding small splashed of color into your look. A simple lime green top can quickly transform your outfit from boring to bright.