Look and Feel Your Best with These Simple Hacks

Being stuck in the house without anywhere to go or a single reason to get ready can impact your confidence. For nearly a year, messy hair, loungewear, and no self-grooming have become the norm for a lot of us. While that may work for some, it takes a toll on the self-esteem of others.

You shouldn’t need an excuse to show up as your best self, even when it just you and your computer at home all day. You deserve to feel confident. Below are four simple hacks to look and feel your best every day.

Add accessories

You’ll be surprised by the difference a few accessories can make on your overall look. Whether you’re an earring kind of girl or someone who looks their best in a statement necklace, accessories can elevate your look. When your outfit feels too bland and you need a confidence-boost, your choice of accessories can help you reach that feeling.

Wear your best pieces

If you’re guilty of always “saving” your best pieces for a special occasion, I recommend you change your mindset. Sure, there are always those fancy dresses that you might not think are appropriate for a trip to the grocery store, but other items, like skirts, dresses, or cute shoes shouldn’t be left unworn. Before you know it, you’ll fall out of love with those pieces and never wear them. I recommend you get life out of them now.

Use dry shampoo

If you’re like me and like to skip wash days to save time and preserve your hair’s health, then you need to be using dry shampoo. After a few days of skipping a wash, our hair tends to get oily. I don’t know about you, but I hate the look and feel. Fortunately, a bit of dry shampoo on my roots leaves my hair looking and smelling great. Definitely a boost of confidence.

Create a 5-minute make up routine

I’m constantly amazed at the impact a little bit of makeup has on an overall look. You don’t need to use a ton of products or spend a lot of money on your routine. Stick to the basics that you think work best for you and use those. Lashes, blush, and lips are usually the features I like to emphasize when I’m in a time crunch.