Healthy Conversation Starters for Your Thanksgiving Table

With Thanksgiving only a few days away, it’s time to prep more than just the turkey. Brainstorming healthy conversations is crucial to ensure a successful and stress-free Thanksgiving gathering.

If your family is anything like mine, then they too, tend to highlight the negatives more than the positives in their life. Whether it’s politics, work stress, or family problems, they’re all topics we’d rather avoid during the special day.

Below is a list of healthy conversation starters for your Thanksgiving table. They’re sure to keep the mood up, conversations positive, and everyone happy.

Upcoming Travel Plans

Who doesn’t like travel plans? Whether it’s flying home for the holidays, an upcoming work trip, or a family trip in 2019, travel conversations are always cheery. Remember that the key to a successful conversation is listening and staying engaged. So, ask questions and

Best Memory of 2018

Take a trip down memory lane and shine a light on your favorite memory of the year. It’s easy to demean an entire year of accomplishments, so focus on your top celebration of the year and share it with your closest family.

Bucket list for 2019

Having something to look forward to is always a great motivator and makes for a great conversation. Share some of your top items on your 2019 bucket list and manifest them into reality. This could be something as daring as skydiving, or practical as buying a new car.

Name a Positive Influence in Your Life

This is a great opportunity to take the spotlight off of ourselves and shine it on someone that played a role in our life recently. Whether they’re present during your Thanksgiving celebration or you’ve never met them before, it’s a humbling experience to thank someone for the positive effect they had on your life.

Current Gratitude Moment

It’s easy to forget about the purpose of Thanksgiving with the madness of prepping for a successful dinner. Practicing gratitude has played a big role in my life this last year, and I’m hoping to make it a bigger family habit as well.