Summer Learning – How to Set Your Child Up for Success

With the school year ending, and summer break only a few weeks away, many parents are left wondering what they should be doing to avoid summer learning loss. Two months away from school and daily assignments can take a toll on a child’s mind, so creating a plan to set you and your child up for success is essential to help them return to school ready to learn.

Most parents don’t consider themselves the best teachers, and that’s OK. Below are five tips that can set your child up for success this summer.

Designate a workspace

If your child was one of the millions of kids around the country who was forced to learn from home for the majority of the 2020 school year, then you’ve probably already designated a work area around the house. This is a space where your child can go whenever they’re working on anything school-related. Having a consistent spot can help them distinguish play-time from learning time. If no desk is available, try a beanbag and clipboard to start.

Set a schedule

Like adults, kids thrive off routine. Having a predictable schedule helps them anticipate what’s coming next, especially when it comes to learning. Their summer doesn’t have to become summer school at home, but you can incorporate a schedule where they learn for a few hours and play the rest of the day. I love printing schedules and checklists, putting them inside frames, and using them as dry-erase checklists.  Kids love them, too!

Try educational apps

If your child uses a tablet, consider investing in an educational app. While there are some free versions out there, they usually limit the content. Educational apps make it easy and fun to learn. The best part? They can learn from anywhere, including road trips and downtime.

Go on adventures

You’d be surprised how much a kid can learn by exploring. Take a walk, go on a hike, or visit your local zoo. Read signs, ask questions, and challenge their thinking. Learning doesn’t always have to mean textbooks and math equations. Get creative and watch how much your child will enjoy these alternative learning methods.

Read, read, read

When all else fails, nothing can help your child overcome summer learning loss as reading can. Reading skills have an impact on a variety of other subjects, so ensuring your child reads and keeps up with their grade reading level can work wonders during the slower summer months. Take a trip to the library, check our books virtually, or order books online. You have countless options when it comes to what your child can read this summer.