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Celebrate Fashion and Film At The Phoenix Art Museum’s Hollywood Costume Exhibit

Celebrate Fashion and Film At The Phoenix Art Museum’s Hollywood Costume Exhibit 5.00/5 2 votes

Calling all movie and fashion lovers to the stage! If you’re a fan of the old Hollywood films, such as My Fair Lady and The Wizard of Oz, or even more recent films like Twilight and American Hustle, then head over to the Phoenix Art Museum today. The museum is currently featuring The Hollywood Costume exhibit, complete with over 100 costumes from a century worth of films.

index-1.phpThe Hollywood Costume exhibition “celebrates and explores costume design as a key component of cinema storytelling,” according to the site. As you enter the exhibit, you are met with large red curtains and immediately taken into a world of costume design and filmmaking. Unique about The Hollywood Costume exhibit is its use of technology, projections and holograms to tell the story of each and every costume featured. The exhibit also provides interviews with some of Hollywood’s most famous costume designers, who describe the importance of their role in the storytelling process. These designers explain how something as simple as a shoe or as complex as an old-century ball gown can make or break a film by convincing the audience of the time period and character dynamic. Actors such as Robert De Niro and Meryl Streep agree that having the right costume is what allows them to fully get into character.

redcarpet.php copyWhile walking through the large exhibit, you will get the chance to see Indiana Jones’ famous leather jacket and whip, Darth Vader’s infamous black cape and mask, Dorothy’s girly checkered dress and Marilyn Monroe’s seductive white gown, just to name a few. If you want to take a break from looking at movie character’s costumes, then you can also head to the museum’s Hollywood Red Carpet exhibit. This separate exhibit features a dozen couture gowns worn by Jennifer Lawrence, Glenn Close and Amy Adams on the red carpet.

Celebrate the art of filmmaking and what makes Hollywood one of the most fashionable and entertaining places in the world. Get your tickets here or visit the museum today.

Fiat of Scottsdale Rugby Bowl 2014 Brings Together Community, Sports and Motorcycles

Fiat of Scottsdale Rugby Bowl 2014 Brings Together Community, Sports and Motorcycles 4.75/5 4 votes

motorcyclesMusic, automobiles, sports, sun, food and drinks. The Fiat of Scottsdale Rugby Bowl: Spikes and Spokes, ”The Valley’s  Best New Event,” offered all of this and more on Saturday, April 12. The successful event brought together two of the fiercest players on the field and the road, rugby and motorcycles, to the WestWorld of Scottsdale for the first time.

As guests entered the space, they were met with the smell of gourmet food trucks and the sound of motorcycles, which were lined up for the event. Bikes for Boobies, a nonprofit that raises awareness for breast cancer among the biker community, auctioned off a bike with funds to go toward cancer research.

ASUBYUrugbyMeanwhile, Whiskey’s Quicker rocked out in the World of Beer Garden before the game to get fans pumped up. The sound of classic rock welcomed the Arizona State University and Brigham Young University rugby teams to the field. To escape the sun while enjoying the game, guests were invited into their choice of an ASU, BYU or Beer Garden tent, which offered plenty of drinks and shade. During halftime, ASU fans challenged BYU fans to multiple tug of wars. ASU put on a tough fight against the No. 1 ranked BYU rugby team, but lost with a final score of 57-26.

IrishRockBandAfter the game, guests gathered at the after party to listen to Irish rock band The Keltic Cowboys perform and to enjoy delicious beer among great company. The event was a hit with the community, and ultimately brought together culture, sports and revenue back to the city of Scottsdale.

Fiat of Scottsdale Rugby Bowl 2014 – Spikes and Spokes – Today

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Fiat of Scottsdale Rugby Bowl 2014 – Spikes and Spokes – Today 5.00/5 2 votes

Fiat of Scottsdale Rugby Bowl! is today, Saturday April 12!

SmartFem Arizona will be live Tweeting and posting from the event. Share your pictures from the event with#RugbyBowlRichard J Brown MD PLLC Airpark Dodge Chrysler Jeep Oscar De las salas

Fiat of Scottsdale Rugby Bowl 2014

The Valley’ newest tradition, The Rugby Bowl. gates open at 11am. Tickets on sale now at Check it out on 3TV Phoenix

About the Sport (click for a larger image)

About the Sport (click for a larger image)

Whiskey’s Quicker and Keltic Cowboys to Rock The Rugby Bowl: Spikes & Spokes



Four Moments to Look Forward to in The Giver

Four Moments to Look Forward to in The Giver 5.00/5 2 votes

within article brendon

Brenton Thwaites as Jonas in The Giver

Do you like dystopian novels? Do you enjoy Academy Award winning actors? Do you remember reading Lois Lowry when you were younger? If so, The Giver movie will definitely be your cup of tea when it is released this summer.

All spoilers aside, The Giver is an award-winning novel that has been incorporated into middle school curriculum across the country. Since Philip Noyce is directing a movie adaptation, people who did not have a chance to get their first taste of dystopia from this book can now choose to watch it play out on screen.

With Meryl Streep, Jeff Bridges, Taylor Swift, and Brenton Thwaites, The Giver film will hopefully do Lois Lowry’s 1993 release justice. The novel focuses on a 12 year old boy, Jonas, as he slowly unravels the secrets to the so called “perfect” community he and his family reside in. In an intent to keep some of the plot points covert, I picked out four events in the novel that will be interesting to see adapted on screen. 

1.  The first memory The Giver shows Jonas

Jonas’ world is turned upside down  once The Giver shows him images of memories. The first of which Jonas sees a sled and some snow. While it may not make sense to people who have yet to read the book (it’s under 200 pages if you’re interested) the seemingly meaningless winter weather and sled is pretty symbolic towards the end.

2. The “colorblind” inhabitants of Jonas’ world

If you read The Giver, you know that the members of the society the book takes place in do not see color. Jonas eventually sees in color, but it will be fascinating to see what types of cinematography the movie will use to depict this phenomenon. Should viewers expect a Wizard of Oz like transition, or something more sophisticated?

novel cover3. When Jonas finds out what “release”  is

When Jonas starts to figure out what is really going on in this “perfect, orderly,” society, it is a horrifying and tragic moment. Sometimes with words, the feelings portrayed can affect you greatly, however in this case, actually watching the events on screen might be closer to emotionally scarring.

4.  The bittersweet ending

Lowry gave readers an ambiguous ending so they could decide what actually happens next. Although many assumed the best for Jonas and his companion, the film may attempt to give readers closure and clarity. Which is, in this case, something to look forward to.

The Giver is set to come out August 15, 2014.

A Supreme Evening at the Lazy B Ranch

A Supreme Evening at the Lazy B Ranch 5.00/5 2 votes

Justice Sandra Day O’Connor_340

Justice Sandra Day O’Connor

The Sixth annual Supreme Evening was held on Friday April 4th at the Montelucia Resort and Spa. The event was chaired by Tracy Bame and Kari Yatkowksi while the honorary chairman was Jerry Hirsch. The Evening at the Lazy B Ranch is a tribute to the childhood ranch of retired United States Supreme Court Associate Justice Sandra Day O’Connor.

Justice O’Connor stated that the vision of the O’Connor house is to re-create a place that will be a center for problem-solving and bringing together groups with divergent views.

The O’Connor house is used to facilitate collaboration, constructive dialog and bring important issues to the table such as reducing domestic violence, greater legal services to victims, combating sexual exploitation of children and improving low voter turnout in Arizona.

Tracey Bame and Kari Yatkowski

Event co-chairs Tracey Bame and Kari Yatkowski

The evening was a who’s who and many of the valley’s A-listers were in attendance. Also seating next to Justice O’Connor was our own Governor Jan Brewer.

The décor and table decorations were something right out of the Wild West. Those in attendance adorned their best country and western attire. Executive Chef Michael Cairns cooked up some fabulous cowboy chow to stay

Guests were treated to entertainment by Tucson’s Andy Hershey and the O’Connor Boys as they enjoyed dinner and dancing.

Mom Getaway Minus the Guilt

Mom Getaway Minus the Guilt 4.67/5 3 votes

With my week-long spring break coming to an end, I reminisced on what I had accomplished during those couple of days. I had done everything from organizing my daughter’s birthday pay, to doing the usual “spring cleaning”, and of course, dedicate a lot more time to my child.

UnivStudiosOne thing I noticed however is that I hadn’t done anything for myself. As moms we tend to put our wants and needs to the end. Catering to everyone else’s needs becomes our main priorities. So I decided to have a mini getaway to enjoy the last days of my break.

With the help of my boyfriend, I was able to organize a weekend getaway to Hollywood California.

Of course, one of the biggest problems when organizing a getaway is the guilt you feel when leaving you kid(s) behind. One of the first things you need to do is make sure that you child is in good hands. My mother was gracious enough to watch over my daughter for the weekend, so that was a great relief.

We decided to take the six-hour drive down to Los Angeles. While taking a flight would be faster and more convenient, we knew that the drive would allow us to bond and get to know each other better.

Because we knew that we were only staying for the weekend, we went straight to checking things off our to do list.SantaMonicaBeach

The first thing on the list was to take a stroll at Universal City Walk. This is a great place to go while on a budget because you get to enjoy great entertainment while spending your whole paycheck.

Some other great places we decided to visit were Hollywood Boulevard, Santa Monica Beach to enjoy the sunset, and Wokano Restaurant for a late night dinner.

You don’t need to be gone for a week to have some you time, anything as short as a day or two can work wonders for a busy mom. You don’t have to have a huge budget either. The point of the trip is to relax, so by simply having a comfy room to unwind, you can consider it a getaway.

Remember that in order to be a good parent you have to be good with yourself first. Make sure to give yourself the time and attention you need. Trust me, you will thank yourself later.

Fashion and Fundraising Bring Women Together for a Night Full of Glamour and Hope

Fashion and Fundraising Bring Women Together for a Night Full of Glamour and Hope 4.20/5 5 votes

This particular article has been personally emotional to me because my past life flashed before my eyes recently at an event I attended on the evening of February 22, 2014.

I was immediately moved to take action and pursue becoming actively involved with this fabulous organization. On this special evening I was one of nine invited guests at the National Bank of Arizona’s reserved table for the premier charity event of the season, the 18th annual Fresh Start Fashion Gala.

Fresh Start Women’s Foundation is also known as “The Gates of Hope”. They assisted 5,000 women in the community in 2013 and more than 200,000 women since opening their doors in 1992.

More than 650 guests wore a mix of black tie tuxedos, black suits, evening gowns, cocktail dresses, stilettos, strappy sandals, kitten heels, flats, coiffed hair, luxurious jewelry, manicured nails, professionally applied makeup and false eyelashes.

freshstartgalaThe event kicked off with cocktails and hors d’oeuvres in the foyer of one of the ballrooms at the Arizona Biltmore Resort. This being my first Fresh Start Fashion Gala, I observed the beautifully attired ladies and handsomely dressed gentlemen, my date being one of them, from a quiet spot. Once acclimated I felt very comfortable as I have attended numerous cosmetic and fragrance industry black tie events, years past, in New York City at the Waldorf Astoria, The Plaza Hotel, The Ritz-Carlton, etc…

The lights were dimmed and cocktail hour was called to a close. We were asked to gather in an adjoining room where a fashion show was about to begin. There were hundreds of translucent chairs, some having reserved name seating signs…they were lined up in numerous rows on each side, parallel to the white laminate runway, just like you see during New York City fashion week.

I had the privilege, as well as good fortune, of sitting next to an original and present Board of Director’s member, Marlene Klotz-Collins, for the Fresh Start Women’s Foundation. Marlene was lovely, as well as gracious; she was kind enough to point out a spattering of the most influential individuals in the room and their contributions to the foundation.

The lights were dimmed, Ann Siner and Tess Loo, the gala committee co-chairs stepped out on the runway and began speaking about Pat Petznick and Beverly Stewart, the co-founders of Fresh Start, discussing their generous and tireless contributions to the foundation. Ann and Tess also discussed their joint involvement through their entity, My Sister’s Closet. They thanked Saks Fifth Avenue and the 2014 Etro spring collection for their contributions to the evening’s event, with that being said the fashion show commenced.

The spring summer 2014 collection consisted of flowing silk and soft knit woven garments in royal blue, yellow and sandy shade base colors. The garments were fun, flowing and flirty. Some were bohemian chic with a sassy edge. Capri pants, tiered silk blouses, pencil skirts, dresses, short sleeved knit shells with matching knit skirts…all the garments were exquisite. Accessories were minimal…shoulder strap handbags with stamped cutouts, embellished with metal rivets. Flat metal gold tone Romanesque style waist belts accented many of the garments. Some of the ensembles had matching beaded scarfs as accent pieces. The models wore strappy sandal stilettos, which were ideal for the fluid garments.

freshstartThe fashion show came to an end and the crowd merged into the ballroom for dinner, dancing and special guest speeches. The Founder’s Award recipients, Anne Mariucci and Kathy Munro took center stage to address the audience and accept their individual awards. Then Jim, Lisa and Helen Fitzpatrick took the stage.

Jim began speaking about a courageous woman, his sister, Carol, who had endured emotional, verbal and physical domestic abuse. This is where my life flashed before my eyes, as I too had been a victim of domestic abuse many years ago. I was fortunate to have received assistance by an organization similar to Fresh Start before my abusive domestic situation escalated to the point of being too late. Jim then spoke about his brother, Tom and his niece, Audra. His two siblings and niece were in the wrong place at the wrong time and unfortunately were viciously murdered by Carol’s estranged husband.

Ladies please know that if you are in need of guidance, assistance and safety for yourself, as well as your children, there is available help.  The Fresh Start Women’s Foundation is a wonderful resource that assists those in need to lift themselves up when they have been beaten down physically, verbally or emotionally.

I’m proud to say that I will be assisting this organization in the very near future. The evening of February 22, 2014 raised $1,170,000.00 in gross revenue through the underwriting of the dinner, paired with the evening’s sponsorships and donations, table sales, live auction and top-notch raffle. That revenue will go directly to funding the programs and services that Fresh Start provides, ensuring that they will continue with their mission of empowering women to transform their lives through encouragement and education. If you or anyone you know is in need of assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to Fresh Start for their expert guidance and counseling.


Annette_Loertscher_contactAnnette L. Loertscher, image consultant
phone: 480-292-0297 fax: 480-214-3067

Throughout the Ages: Furs in Hollywood

Throughout the Ages: Furs in Hollywood 3.67/5 3 votes

From Marilyn Monroe to Liz Taylor, vintage Hollywood is full of famous stars wearing one thing, fur! Whether it’s a stole, or a dramatic knee-length coat, fur always made a statement in the Golden Age of Hollywood, and continues today. Evan’s Furs recently held a booth at the Arthritis Foundation’s Annual Oscar Experience in order to help attendees experience the glamour and luxury vintage fur can bring upon the wearer. While SmartFem took pictures of the gorgeous guests at Oscar Experience, we reminded many of the models to channel their inner movie star!

From ad campaigns such as BLACKGLAMA, which featured many A-list celebrities donning furs from the 60s to the 80s, to last weekend’s booth with the elegant guests at the Ritz-Carlton Phoenix, with a style like fur, it is important to do the fur, as well as the previous wearers before you, justice.

Here are a few famous faces wearing stunning fur throughout the ages:


Elizabeth Taylor wearing a lovely fur coat.

Elizabeth Taylor wearing a lovely fur coat.


Barbara Streisand in Funny Girl

Barbara Streisand in Funny Girl


Marilyn wearing a fur stole

Marilyn wearing a fur stole


Joan Crawford looking her best in a fur coat

Joan Crawford looking her best in a fur coat


Mick Jagger joins in wearing this fur coat in a photoshoot

Mick Jagger joins in wearing this fur coat in a photoshoot

BLACKGLAMA‘s ad campaign for What Becomes a Legend Most includes countless celebrities, including Joan Crawford, Sophia Loren, Julie Andrews and many more. Here are a few SmartFem favorites:

Lauren Bacall's shot for BLACKGLAMA. She wears a large, elegant black fur coat

Lauren Bacall’s shot for BLACKGLAMA. She wears a large, elegant black fur coat


Cher wears a statement-making headpiece along with an over-sized coat.

Cher wears a statement-making headpiece along with an over-sized coat.


In addition to these famous stars wearing iconic furs, SmartFem photographed local celebrities and high profile guests at Evan’s Fur’s booth at the Ritz-Carlton in Phoenix for the GlitzGlamGive Gala event for Oscar Experience. Here are some of our glamorous models:



Michelle Parkhurst, owner of Evan’s Furs and Leathers




ms. az





lea and paul

Lea Haben, SmartFem publisher, and Paul Woodford, SmartFem Technology Editor

For more pictures from the Arthritis Foundation’s GlitzGlamGive Gala for Oscar Experience, check out SmartFem’s Facebook page!

Anderson’s “The Grand Budapest Hotel” is Quirky with a Dark Side

Anderson’s “The Grand Budapest Hotel” is Quirky with a Dark Side 5.00/5 3 votes

Fiennes and Revolori as Gustave H. and Zero Mustafa

Fiennes and Revolori as Gustave H. and Zero Mustafa

Have you seen a Wes Anderson piece? I say piece because his movies are not just movies. They are occasionally masterpieces, works of art. So, have you?

If the answer is yes, you know what to expect when you walk into the theater to see The Grand Budapest HotelYou know, that with the exception of maybe, The Darjeeling Limited, you love all his films. You cannot even really say you don’t like any of them, because they are all positively lovely.

However, if the answer to the question is no, then you should give Grand Budapest a chance. So what if it’s quirky beyond recognition? Who cares if the score is so dastardly whimsical it lulls you to sleep in the theater, as it did with my viewing companion? This is no ordinary trip to the matinee showing on Saturday. It is a whimsical amusement park ride that, despite being immersed in adrenaline while enjoying the ride, once you debark you take a deep breath, smile, and move on with your life.

Anderson recruited Ralph Fgustave hiennes and Tony Revolori to turn themselves into a few of his most heartfelt characters he’s ever created. Fiennes plays a subtly lonely, yet exceptionally renowned concierge, Gustave H., at the Grand Budapest Hotel during the 1930s. With a penchant for older, rich, blonde women, Gustave H. runs the Budapest with rigorous tenacity and tough love.

Revolori’s acting debut begins with the character of Zero Mustafa, an up and coming lobby boy at the Budapest who works for Gustave H. at the Budapest. Zero is exposed as a loyal hotel worker who is true to himself and others. Gustave H. and Zero are instantly kindred spirits in the likes that they both are poetic and kind, and it is for this reason that Gustave H. keeps him as his “personal valet” as well as his friend.

As usual, Anderson’s characters and cinematography are the highlights of the film, but this plot is one of his silliest ever. Fiennes’ and Revolori’s characters are on the lamb from the conniving children of one of Fiennes’ lovers (played by Tilda Swinton) for stealing a “priceless” painting. The end result is a tale of brotherhood, bravery, and the importance of remembering the little things.

Adrian Brody and Willem Dafoe

Adrien Brody and Willem Dafoe

Willem Dafoe, Adrien Brody, Jude Law, and F. Murray Abraham are delights in the film and are a part of what make a Wes Anderson film, a Wes Anderson film. Of course, Bill Murray, Jason Schwartzman, and Edward Norton make small appearances also, as per Anderson tradition.

Something that stands out in Budapest compared to other films of this director, is the amount of actual violence shown on screen. There has not been this much death in an Anderson film since The Royal Tenenbaums. That is not to say this is a bad thing. The expert assassinations carried out by Willem Dafoe’s character gives the film a darker feel than past ones.

Underneath the massive amounts of quirk and pastel colors, there is a film that most all ages will enjoy (despite the fact that there is a fair amount of cursing). The Grand Budapest Hotel is one of Wes Anderson’s finest. This one is filled with just as much truth and wit as his previous films have contained, but with a bit more of an edgy kick to it. I recommend it to fans of the director and fans of film as an art. After all, Wes Anderson is an artist. The Grand Budapest Hotel premiers in New York and Los Angeles theaters March 7.


12th Annual Teaming Up for Girls Luncheon

12th Annual Teaming Up for Girls Luncheon 5.00/5 4 votes

The 12th Annual Teaming Up for Girls Luncheon brought hundreds to people together to have an afternoon full of entertainment, education and fundraising.

The Teaming Up for Girls Luncheon is Florence Crittenton’s well-known fundraising event. Florence Crittenton is a non-profit organization aimed to help at-risk adolescent girls in their journey through life. They offer an environment that empowers young ladies to feel safe and find hope.

careypenaThis years annual event was hosted Tuesday at the Arizona Biltmore. Hundreds of attendees joined together under one roof to raise funding for an amazing organization.

Carey Peña emceed the event, and let people now how important this organization is for the good of the community. “I love meeting with the girls and learn how their lives are inspired,” she said.

The chairs for this year’s luncheon were Tracey and Larry Lytle. They have been involved with Florence Crittenton for over a decade and this year had the honor of overlooking the whole event.

The events performer was 10-year-old Moriah Paynes. She amazed the crowd with her incredible voice and even received a standing ovation at the end of her performance.

This year’s keynote speaker was Elizabeth Smart. Elizabeth was abducted from her house when she was only 9-years-old and was rescued nine months later. She became an author and public speaker influencing people around the world with her touching story and book titled My Story.elizabethsmart

Deborah Bateman, who is on Florence Crittenton Board of Directors, was thrilled about the event. “It is an absolutely incredible organization,” said Deborah. “When they really make an impact, and they really make a change, that’s what inspires me,” she added.

More exclusive photos on Facebook  facebook

Florence Crittenton has had a great impact on the lives of thousands of teen girls in the community. Thanks to the generosity of so many people, Florence Crittenton is able to make a difference in young women’s lives. Learn how to make a difference at or follow the link to donate today.

Among the generous donations to help raise funds during the 12th Annual Teaming Up for Girls Luncheon…

Donation by Evans Furs and Leathers of ScottsdaleA custom fur ladies purse donated by of Evans Furs of Scottsdale.

Date Night Gift Basket at Me the Artist


A date night gift basket for two donated by  of Me the Artist of North Scottsdale.


donation by Coye Pointer of Airpark Dodge_Alice Cooper

An autographed Fender Guitar and photo signed by the legendary Alice Cooper donated by Coye Pointer, of Airpark Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge RAM.


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