Pros and Cons of Instagram Hiding Likes on Your Posts

There’s been a lot of talks recently about Instagram rolling out a feature that would hide likes on the popular platform. Those conversations have included a lot of positive and negative feedback from the media and its users.

I’ve been open about my love-hate relationship with social media in the past. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook increase distraction, stress, and sometimes even anxiety in its users. While it’s almost inevitable to stay off social media in today’s digital world, some improvements can be made to make our relationship with the apps healthier.

Although I don’t know if this specific update will fix the larger problem at hand, it can lead to something bigger in the future. As a millennial who uses Instagram as my main social media account. I have my thoughts on Instagram’s latest news.

Below is my list of pros and cons of Instagram hiding likes on user’s posts.


Increase focus on content

Although I hate to admit it, I second guess a lot of my content because I’m afraid it won’t perform well on my Instagram feed. I know, I shouldn’t care what others think, but it’s exhausting to see some posts getting up to 700 likes and others getting as little as 100.

I think this update will be a great way for users like me, who struggle with second-guessing, to just go ahead and put content out there. Imagine all the great posts that were never published in fear of not performing well. This update can help change that.

Post more frequently

This point goes hand in hand with my last idea. There are times when I feel like I have a lot to share but avoid posting too frequently in fear of my posts not performing well when it comes to likes. I believe Instagram’s plan can help remove that fear and inspire content creators to share more of their work with their followers.

Improve mental health

It’s no secret that social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook have taken a toll on the mental health of many of us. The constant comparison and value based on what other’s share has gotten out of hand. While this change might not completely shatter all the problems that come with a powerful app, it starts the conversation to steer things in a different direction.


Limit influencer marketing

The latest Instagram news came as a shock to influencers and marketers who make a living on the platform. Many of these professionals rely on metrics like followers, likes, and comments. This will mostly affect brands who aren’t familiar with influencer marketing because it might skew their perspective on performance.

Increased attention on other metrics

Although the likes might begin to disappear, that doesn’t mean that other metrics will as well. Metrics like follower counts and comments will still be available and accessible, so we might see increased attention on areas like these once likes are hidden. This might mean that follower loyalty and engagement with followers will be more important than ever.

Greater focus on other platforms

Instagram’s growth in recent years has placed it as the most used social media platform today. For some, including myself, Instagram is their go-to social media app, and many times, the only app they choose to use every single day. As Instagram’s owner, Facebook is likely trying to shift some of those users over to its platform now.