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Evans Furs features Vintage Spring Collection

Evans Furs features Vintage Spring Collection 3.67/5 3 votes

EvansFursLeopardEven with Arizona heat making a scene almost year around; furs continue to make statement pieces for those confident enough to rock them, and Evans Furs is the go to place for high quality furs.

For Evans Furs, spring is the perfect time to introduce some vintage pieces new to the store. With so much leopard print, reversible pieces, and even vests, the new vintage collection does not disappoint.

The spring vintage collection will be available at Evans Furs for a limited time. So make sure to visit their location before they are gone. Stop by to witness a part of history, as these vintage pieces are what some consider to be a work of art.

If you’re interested in quality vintage furs Evans Furs will not let you down. Conveniently located on Scottsdale Road, Evans Furs is unlike any shop. The employees make you feel at home allowing you to shop at your own pace and try on the product, giving you the security that you are making a great purchase.


Voluma, the next fountain of youth?

Voluma, the next fountain of youth? 5.00/5 1 vote

Does the fountain of youth really exist? It could be that it may come in a little syringe of Voluma.  It is difficult to be a woman over the age of forty, since society and the media tend to focus on youth.  Women are always judged more harshly when it comes to appearance. Throw in the fact that you may be in the public eye frequently as I am. I, like every other woman in the world am looking to find the secret to looking and feeling good in ways that are not too expensive and or too extreme.

womanwithneedleHaving gone under the knife due to extreme skin cancer, I am not one who would elect to go under again after my last surgery. However, I am looking for new procedures that require no down time and will not require a second mortgage on my house.

We have all heard about the liquid facelift, but I wanted to find out more. Recently Allergan, the manufacturers of Juvederm and Botox, has created a new product called Voluma. Voluma is used for volume replacement and restoration. As we get older our face begins to hollow and flatten, but with Voluma the skin is plumped up and its fullness is restored. Voluma is a safe biodegradable gel that is meant to lift the cheeks and muscles so that the skin drapes more beautifully, reducing the look of sagging skin.  Voluma has been approved by the FDA and has been reported to last for up to two years, according to its manufacturers.

Looking your best is a full-time job these days, and I am excited to see that there are so many alternatives to plastic surgery. I should also mention that while plastic surgery does tighten the skin, it doesn’t create fullness or volume. So you would need to add a filler such as Voluma anyway. So why not just start there and figure out if you still need plastic surgery.

Celebrate Fashion and Film At The Phoenix Art Museum’s Hollywood Costume Exhibit

Celebrate Fashion and Film At The Phoenix Art Museum’s Hollywood Costume Exhibit 5.00/5 2 votes

Calling all movie and fashion lovers to the stage! If you’re a fan of the old Hollywood films, such as My Fair Lady and The Wizard of Oz, or even more recent films like Twilight and American Hustle, then head over to the Phoenix Art Museum today. The museum is currently featuring The Hollywood Costume exhibit, complete with over 100 costumes from a century worth of films.

index-1.phpThe Hollywood Costume exhibition “celebrates and explores costume design as a key component of cinema storytelling,” according to the site. As you enter the exhibit, you are met with large red curtains and immediately taken into a world of costume design and filmmaking. Unique about The Hollywood Costume exhibit is its use of technology, projections and holograms to tell the story of each and every costume featured. The exhibit also provides interviews with some of Hollywood’s most famous costume designers, who describe the importance of their role in the storytelling process. These designers explain how something as simple as a shoe or as complex as an old-century ball gown can make or break a film by convincing the audience of the time period and character dynamic. Actors such as Robert De Niro and Meryl Streep agree that having the right costume is what allows them to fully get into character.

redcarpet.php copyWhile walking through the large exhibit, you will get the chance to see Indiana Jones’ famous leather jacket and whip, Darth Vader’s infamous black cape and mask, Dorothy’s girly checkered dress and Marilyn Monroe’s seductive white gown, just to name a few. If you want to take a break from looking at movie character’s costumes, then you can also head to the museum’s Hollywood Red Carpet exhibit. This separate exhibit features a dozen couture gowns worn by Jennifer Lawrence, Glenn Close and Amy Adams on the red carpet.

Celebrate the art of filmmaking and what makes Hollywood one of the most fashionable and entertaining places in the world. Get your tickets here or visit the museum today.

The Red Carpet Event Promotes Cancer Awareness Through Fashion

The Red Carpet Event Promotes Cancer Awareness Through Fashion 5.00/5 4 votes

10013947_10203510434864531_1365346801_nCancer Support Community’s The Red Carpet Event brought together the color red, hope and fashion under the hot Phoenix sun on Friday, March 28. A sea of red and spring-colored guests entered The Wellness Community on a red carpet in support of cancer awareness and community bonding. The money raised went to Cancer Support Center for Arizona. Our very own Lea Haben helped put together the affair alongside Debbie Gaby, who even chopped off her hair to donate to the cause.

The event started with complimentary brunch, cocktails and Nothing Bundt cakes. It was all smiles as guests mingled and reconnected, dressed in their fanciest attire. Everyone then moved to the runway, where swag bags were DebbieBatemanTRCEwaiting with complimentary haircuts and bright red sunglasses.

The Red Carpet Event also presented Hope Award Honoree Deborah Bateman, the star of the party and the first person to fund the event, with her award. She is described by her peers as patient, inspiring and supportive of others. Haben said she owes much of her success to Bateman. “I am so excited that Debbie and I both get to be a part of this,” she said during the event.

As Bateman accepted her award, she shared with the audience her goals and dreams. “My hope is that I can live a life that can help make a better life for others in our community,” Bateman said. With the crowd matching in their red sunglasses in support of Bateman’s favorite color, the fashion show kicked off.RunwayLook1TRCE

Each vintage piece came from the 50s through the 80s, courtesy of designer Robert Black. Black said his touch to each outfit was sparkle, which showed in sparkling heels, beaded jumpsuits and sequin tops. RunwayLook2TRCEThe tea-length dresses were a hit with bright, bold patterns. Models were dressed head-to-toe in old hairstyles, makeup and clothing. A vintage lace wedding dress even appeared on the runway as one of the final looks. Overall, the sold-out event was a success with great fashion for an even greater cause.

To see more photos from the event, check out SmartFem on Facebook!

How Healthy Is Your Golden, Bronzed Skin?

How Healthy Is Your Golden, Bronzed Skin? 5.00/5 4 votes

Just in time for summer, self-tanner Sexy Stems actually delivers what it promises! Finally, there is an organic firming self-tanner with anti-cellulite properties that doesn’t dry your skin out or have an odor.


As a skin cancer survivor, I must be careful with not only the sun, but also with cosmetics. Many of the cosmetics currently on the market, such as self-tanners, are filled with unhealthy carcinogens. At last, my life long quest for a healthy bronzed glow is finally over.

I am usually very enthusiastic when it comes to trying new organic skincare products, but I must admit I was afraid to get my hopes up when it came to an organic self-tanner. I have spent hundreds of dollars on a drawer full of empty promises. I thought that my white pasty legs were just going to have to be something that I would have to learn to live with. Hollywood has always portrayed sexy women as tall, tanned and blonde running on the beach. Meanwhile, here I am short in stature and with white pasty legs.

I have never been a tannorexic… and my claustrophobia would prohibit me from ever slipping into one of those cancer-causing tanning beds.  I am also one who burns and freckles easily, so what is the point? I have tried every spray-on tan or self-tanner on the market without any success up until now.  The problem for me has always been the overpowering odor caused or the unpredictable skin color.  I was ecstatic to find out that Sexy Stems delivers a beautiful tan without the horrible scent that is always associated with self-tanners.

Being on camera and always in the public eye has been a bit tough for me with my white pasty legs, but now I don’t have to worry about that anymore. I am also thrilled to let you know that in addition to the great tan that has lasted for five days without a reapplication also contains generous amounts of caffeine and green tea which tightens skin and reduces the look of cellulite.

Summer is just around the corner, so why not place your order for a tube right now to get you ready for the beach.  You can find out more about Sexy Stems at

Fashion and Fundraising Bring Women Together for a Night Full of Glamour and Hope

Fashion and Fundraising Bring Women Together for a Night Full of Glamour and Hope 4.20/5 5 votes

This particular article has been personally emotional to me because my past life flashed before my eyes recently at an event I attended on the evening of February 22, 2014.

I was immediately moved to take action and pursue becoming actively involved with this fabulous organization. On this special evening I was one of nine invited guests at the National Bank of Arizona’s reserved table for the premier charity event of the season, the 18th annual Fresh Start Fashion Gala.

Fresh Start Women’s Foundation is also known as “The Gates of Hope”. They assisted 5,000 women in the community in 2013 and more than 200,000 women since opening their doors in 1992.

More than 650 guests wore a mix of black tie tuxedos, black suits, evening gowns, cocktail dresses, stilettos, strappy sandals, kitten heels, flats, coiffed hair, luxurious jewelry, manicured nails, professionally applied makeup and false eyelashes.

freshstartgalaThe event kicked off with cocktails and hors d’oeuvres in the foyer of one of the ballrooms at the Arizona Biltmore Resort. This being my first Fresh Start Fashion Gala, I observed the beautifully attired ladies and handsomely dressed gentlemen, my date being one of them, from a quiet spot. Once acclimated I felt very comfortable as I have attended numerous cosmetic and fragrance industry black tie events, years past, in New York City at the Waldorf Astoria, The Plaza Hotel, The Ritz-Carlton, etc…

The lights were dimmed and cocktail hour was called to a close. We were asked to gather in an adjoining room where a fashion show was about to begin. There were hundreds of translucent chairs, some having reserved name seating signs…they were lined up in numerous rows on each side, parallel to the white laminate runway, just like you see during New York City fashion week.

I had the privilege, as well as good fortune, of sitting next to an original and present Board of Director’s member, Marlene Klotz-Collins, for the Fresh Start Women’s Foundation. Marlene was lovely, as well as gracious; she was kind enough to point out a spattering of the most influential individuals in the room and their contributions to the foundation.

The lights were dimmed, Ann Siner and Tess Loo, the gala committee co-chairs stepped out on the runway and began speaking about Pat Petznick and Beverly Stewart, the co-founders of Fresh Start, discussing their generous and tireless contributions to the foundation. Ann and Tess also discussed their joint involvement through their entity, My Sister’s Closet. They thanked Saks Fifth Avenue and the 2014 Etro spring collection for their contributions to the evening’s event, with that being said the fashion show commenced.

The spring summer 2014 collection consisted of flowing silk and soft knit woven garments in royal blue, yellow and sandy shade base colors. The garments were fun, flowing and flirty. Some were bohemian chic with a sassy edge. Capri pants, tiered silk blouses, pencil skirts, dresses, short sleeved knit shells with matching knit skirts…all the garments were exquisite. Accessories were minimal…shoulder strap handbags with stamped cutouts, embellished with metal rivets. Flat metal gold tone Romanesque style waist belts accented many of the garments. Some of the ensembles had matching beaded scarfs as accent pieces. The models wore strappy sandal stilettos, which were ideal for the fluid garments.

freshstartThe fashion show came to an end and the crowd merged into the ballroom for dinner, dancing and special guest speeches. The Founder’s Award recipients, Anne Mariucci and Kathy Munro took center stage to address the audience and accept their individual awards. Then Jim, Lisa and Helen Fitzpatrick took the stage.

Jim began speaking about a courageous woman, his sister, Carol, who had endured emotional, verbal and physical domestic abuse. This is where my life flashed before my eyes, as I too had been a victim of domestic abuse many years ago. I was fortunate to have received assistance by an organization similar to Fresh Start before my abusive domestic situation escalated to the point of being too late. Jim then spoke about his brother, Tom and his niece, Audra. His two siblings and niece were in the wrong place at the wrong time and unfortunately were viciously murdered by Carol’s estranged husband.

Ladies please know that if you are in need of guidance, assistance and safety for yourself, as well as your children, there is available help.  The Fresh Start Women’s Foundation is a wonderful resource that assists those in need to lift themselves up when they have been beaten down physically, verbally or emotionally.

I’m proud to say that I will be assisting this organization in the very near future. The evening of February 22, 2014 raised $1,170,000.00 in gross revenue through the underwriting of the dinner, paired with the evening’s sponsorships and donations, table sales, live auction and top-notch raffle. That revenue will go directly to funding the programs and services that Fresh Start provides, ensuring that they will continue with their mission of empowering women to transform their lives through encouragement and education. If you or anyone you know is in need of assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to Fresh Start for their expert guidance and counseling.


Annette_Loertscher_contactAnnette L. Loertscher, image consultant
phone: 480-292-0297 fax: 480-214-3067

Throughout the Ages: Furs in Hollywood

Throughout the Ages: Furs in Hollywood 3.67/5 3 votes

From Marilyn Monroe to Liz Taylor, vintage Hollywood is full of famous stars wearing one thing, fur! Whether it’s a stole, or a dramatic knee-length coat, fur always made a statement in the Golden Age of Hollywood, and continues today. Evan’s Furs recently held a booth at the Arthritis Foundation’s Annual Oscar Experience in order to help attendees experience the glamour and luxury vintage fur can bring upon the wearer. While SmartFem took pictures of the gorgeous guests at Oscar Experience, we reminded many of the models to channel their inner movie star!

From ad campaigns such as BLACKGLAMA, which featured many A-list celebrities donning furs from the 60s to the 80s, to last weekend’s booth with the elegant guests at the Ritz-Carlton Phoenix, with a style like fur, it is important to do the fur, as well as the previous wearers before you, justice.

Here are a few famous faces wearing stunning fur throughout the ages:


Elizabeth Taylor wearing a lovely fur coat.

Elizabeth Taylor wearing a lovely fur coat.


Barbara Streisand in Funny Girl

Barbara Streisand in Funny Girl


Marilyn wearing a fur stole

Marilyn wearing a fur stole


Joan Crawford looking her best in a fur coat

Joan Crawford looking her best in a fur coat


Mick Jagger joins in wearing this fur coat in a photoshoot

Mick Jagger joins in wearing this fur coat in a photoshoot

BLACKGLAMA‘s ad campaign for What Becomes a Legend Most includes countless celebrities, including Joan Crawford, Sophia Loren, Julie Andrews and many more. Here are a few SmartFem favorites:

Lauren Bacall's shot for BLACKGLAMA. She wears a large, elegant black fur coat

Lauren Bacall’s shot for BLACKGLAMA. She wears a large, elegant black fur coat


Cher wears a statement-making headpiece along with an over-sized coat.

Cher wears a statement-making headpiece along with an over-sized coat.


In addition to these famous stars wearing iconic furs, SmartFem photographed local celebrities and high profile guests at Evan’s Fur’s booth at the Ritz-Carlton in Phoenix for the GlitzGlamGive Gala event for Oscar Experience. Here are some of our glamorous models:



Michelle Parkhurst, owner of Evan’s Furs and Leathers




ms. az





lea and paul

Lea Haben, SmartFem publisher, and Paul Woodford, SmartFem Technology Editor

For more pictures from the Arthritis Foundation’s GlitzGlamGive Gala for Oscar Experience, check out SmartFem’s Facebook page!

Pampering Yourself…On a Budget

Pampering Yourself…On a Budget 5.00/5 2 votes

Lea Haben SmartFemSmartFem publisher Lea Haben visits with Marlena Krueger of Body Beautiful Spa in Phoenix and shares her experience and recommendations for treating yourself.

I recently had the opportunity to meet a Facebook friend in person, Marlena Krueger of Body Beautiful Spa.  We have been following each other for a while and decided we needed to actually meet.

Body Beautiful Spa_585I love my job but… it still can be a bit overwhelming at times. Are you are like me? Do you have multiple windows open on your laptop, countless emails to respond to and you are still trying to have your morning coffee before it gets too cold?  It sounds like we both need and deserve a break to pamper ourselves.

Marlena’s Body Beautiful Spa was a pleasant surprise. I can actually afford to pamper myself for a change and not have to go in debt to visit her day spa.   I was impressed with her membership program and all of the different things that she offers for only 49.00 a month which can be less than the cost of lunch and a cocktail.  She was also recently voted the best Day Spa in the valley!

I have decided this year I am going to be a little selfish and start taking a little better care of myself.  With these kinds of prices I can make a day of it and even invite a couple of my busy girlfriends.

Look at some of what is offered on Marlena’s 49.00 a month membership…

  • bodybeautifulspa50 minute Swedish Aromatherapy Massage
  • 50 minute Signature Facial
  • 15 minutes of Laser Hair Removal Anywhere
  • Lactic Exfoliating Peel (Your choice of face, décolleté or arms)
  • Express Dermabrasion
  • Signature Manicure and Signature Pedicure
  • Ultimate Aromatherapy Reflexology Pedicure

Located just two lights south of Biltmore Fashion Park on the Southeast corner of 24th Street & Campbell.  602-522-9222

As women we are always taking care of others. As a reward why don’t you join me and take a little time out for yourself with my friend Marlena Krueger at Body Beautiful Spa.  There are no sign up fees and you can treat yourself monthly. Why not? Aren’t you worth it?



Finding Your Signature Look

Finding Your Signature Look 3.00/5 2 votes

When she started working for Wathne Limited almost 20 years ago, personal stylist Annette Loertscher specifically remembers what the Wathne sisters wore every day. She said they always dressed the same and attended every black-tie event wearing the same kind of gowns, jewelry, shoes, handbags, etc…   She calls this their signature look, a look they were known for.

“Everybody talked about it and I thought, wow, that really made an impact,” Loertscher said.

Now, Annette Loertscher manages her own image consulting company, ALL Transformations, that focuses on finding a signature look for its clients.

“I think everybody needs a signature style,” Loertscher said. “It’s really important to have a great wardrobe that fits and accentuates your best assets.”

More often than not, Loertscher said her clients come to her with one common problem: they don’t dress age appropriately. She says they never look as good as they can look, and it is her job to tell them exactly what they should do to improve their looks.

Signature Look_300After getting to know her clients and putting them on a healthy diet, Loertscher devotes her time to creating a new wardrobe for them. She starts by going through the client’s closet and doing what she calls a “closet cleanse,” which involves giving items away and deciding what they still need. Then it’s time for the fun part: shopping.

Loertscher said she pulls dozens of garments prior to meeting with the client at a department store that she thinks will look best on them. When they come into the dressing room, she said, “They are like a kid in a candy store.” In about three to four hours, Loertscher and her client decide which clothes to buy and put together a look-book with already made outfits that acts as a reference guide.

Three tips Annette gives to  find what you look fabulous in:

  1. “Find your signature look, because then you can get dressed in five minutes.”
  2. “Find what looks best on you and stick with it, just get it in different colors.”
  3. “Find out what looks good on you, what you feel good in, and use that as your signature look.”

For Annette Loertscher, it is all about the signature look that is your best go-to outfit. She said it is important to look your best because you never know who you might meet.

Trends Seen on the 86th Annual Academy Awards’ Red Carpet

Trends Seen on the 86th Annual Academy Awards’ Red Carpet 5.00/5 3 votes

While the rest of the world waited almost four hours in anticipation for the end of the 86th Annual Academy Awards, I built up all of my excitement at the beginning for the red carpet. There is nothing like watching some of Hollywood’s best and brightest exit their limos, fix their dresses and then prepare to take thousands of photos for the next hour. This hour, however, is what I wait all year for.

If you were watching, it was easy to spot the crowd favorites and the gown similarities on the carpet. If you weren’t watching, that’s why I put together some of the most stunning trends seen on the red carpet in one place. You can thank me later!

Hues of Blues

The majority of Oscar-worthy gowns that walked the carpet featured subtle color and understated glamour. Nominees such as Amy Adams and Sandra Bullock opted for elegant navy. Bullock’s voluptuous curls hung over her strapless Alexander McQueen ensemble. The shiny navy gown hugged her curves, with a sweeping detail on her left side blending into the train like water running down the dress. She kept accessories simple, with a delicate diamond bracelet and stud earrings.

White and Sparkly

As seen on recent runways, sparkles are still very much alive and on-trend. This was no different for the Academy Awards, which saw actresses such as Kate Hudson, Jennifer Garner and Naomi Watts choosing dazzling ensembles to get noticed on the carpet. Watt’s cap-sleeved white beaded dress spoke for itself, fitting her body just right. A slit in the back of the Calvin Klein Collection dress exposed her black strappy heels, while an abstract choker hung on her neck. Her slicked-back straight hair added just the right touch for a sexy, age-appropriate look.

Textured Nudes

Possibly the most common trend seen on the 86th Annual Academy Awards red carpet was a nude dress with tons of texture and detail. Jessica Beil and Angelia Jolie were some of the stars showing off this neutral color. Cate Blanchett, however, exhibited this trend to a T in a short-sleeved sheer nude gown with a full skirt. The most eye-catching detail on the Armani Privé dress however, were dozens of beads and sequins hanging from the dress.

Luxurious Volume

Leave it to Lupita Amondi Nyong’o to stray from the norm to become possibly the most talked about red carpet arrival on social media sites. This woman is so stunning and fashion-forward, that I decided she gets her own category. Nyong’o strutted the Oscar’s red carpet in a voluminous, flowing baby blue gown. The custom Prada dress had  a deep V-neck, but her delicate girly touches such as her matching light blue nails and headband made the gown more fantasy-like.

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