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Fiat of Scottsdale Rugby Bowl 2014 Brings Together Community, Sports and Motorcycles

Fiat of Scottsdale Rugby Bowl 2014 Brings Together Community, Sports and Motorcycles 4.75/5 4 votes

motorcyclesMusic, automobiles, sports, sun, food and drinks. The Fiat of Scottsdale Rugby Bowl: Spikes and Spokes, ”The Valley’s  Best New Event,” offered all of this and more on Saturday, April 12. The successful event brought together two of the fiercest players on the field and the road, rugby and motorcycles, to the WestWorld of Scottsdale for the first time.

As guests entered the space, they were met with the smell of gourmet food trucks and the sound of motorcycles, which were lined up for the event. Bikes for Boobies, a nonprofit that raises awareness for breast cancer among the biker community, auctioned off a bike with funds to go toward cancer research.

ASUBYUrugbyMeanwhile, Whiskey’s Quicker rocked out in the World of Beer Garden before the game to get fans pumped up. The sound of classic rock welcomed the Arizona State University and Brigham Young University rugby teams to the field. To escape the sun while enjoying the game, guests were invited into their choice of an ASU, BYU or Beer Garden tent, which offered plenty of drinks and shade. During halftime, ASU fans challenged BYU fans to multiple tug of wars. ASU put on a tough fight against the No. 1 ranked BYU rugby team, but lost with a final score of 57-26.

IrishRockBandAfter the game, guests gathered at the after party to listen to Irish rock band The Keltic Cowboys perform and to enjoy delicious beer among great company. The event was a hit with the community, and ultimately brought together culture, sports and revenue back to the city of Scottsdale.

Phoenix Business Journal Honors Dynamic Women in Business

Phoenix Business Journal Honors Dynamic Women in Business 4.56/5 9 votes

The 13th annual Phoenix Business Journal Dynamic Women in Business 2014 was a night to remember for hundreds of people in the valley.

The dinner was hosted Thursday evening at the Montelucia Resort in Scottsdale. 25 extraordinary women were honored for their achievements as leaders in the community. The honorees were chosen based on recommendations from fellow leaders and peers.

pbjstanton200Don Henninger, publisher of Phoenix Business Journal gave the opening remarks and emceed the event.

Nicole Stanton, the First Lady of Phoenix was the keynote speaker. Nicole was proud to be part of an event honoring such hardworking women in the community. Nicole emphasized the importance of mentorship and how much of a difference it makes in women’s lives.

Don Henninger introduced the honorees as they walked up the stage and answered a question picked out of a bowl. The women did an outstanding job at coming up with answers on the spot.

One of the honorees Mary Ellen Dalton, president of Health Services Advisory Group talked about the importance of goals and goal setting. “If you don’t have goals, you don’t have a map of where you want to go,” she said.

pbj200The Phoenix Business Journal also honored owner of Barrio Café and Barrio Queen, Silvana Salcido Esparza. When asked about how to reach success, she replied, “the success comes because I do what I love.”

Among the honorees was SmartFem’s very own Lea Haben. Lea was nominated for her hard work and involvement in the community. She was nominated by her dear friend Debbie Gaby. “I nominated Lea because she is a pillar in our community,” said Debbie.

Overall the night was full of laughter and happiness. These women know that success only comes with hard work and dedication. Their involvement in the community is what makes Phoenix such a great place to live.

Check out a copy Phoenix Business Journal to read more about the honorees.

2nd Annual Women Investing in Women Summit- A Complete Success

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2nd Annual Women Investing in Women Summit- A Complete Success 5.00/5 5 votes

The second annual Women Investing in Women Summit was a complete success. The event was hosted in Scottsdale Arizona at ASU’s SkySong on Saturday January 11, 2014.

summit3The goal of the summit is to bring women entrepreneurs together under one roof to network, educate and allow them to lend a hand to each other. Throughout the event, women were able to talk about their business and goals. They exchanged business cards with one another.

City of Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane made the opening remarks. Mayor Lane claimed to be an entrepreneur at heart, so he was glad he was able to speak in front of a large group of women that had similar goals. He was also very excited to be part of an organization that made a positive impact on the community.

The panels of women speaking at the summit included a group of very successful women entrepreneurs. Each woman was able to share some of her background and how her business started. Those in the audience took good notes of how these ladies were able to make it to the top and create such successful businesses.

sharonSharon Lechter, the very well known author, accountant and philanthropist gave an extraordinary speech about creating success. She made it very clear to everyone in the room that one of the keys to success is asking for help. “You need to get the help you need to get where you want to go,” said Sharon Lechter.

The moderators of the summit wanted to make sure that no person left the room without feeling that they got a great education, connections and had a lot of fun. By looking around the room throughout the event, it was clear that every person in the room left with information that will follow them throughout their path towards launching or growing their business.

If you weren’t able to attend this summit, don’t worry, there is already talk about the one for next year. You can also go to Women Investing in Women’s Facebook page for more information on upcoming summits across the nation.

Mayor Jim Lane’s Perspective on the Role of Women in Scottsdale

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Mayor Jim Lane’s Perspective on the Role of Women in Scottsdale 5.00/5 3 votes

Lea Haben SmartFemSmartFem publisher Lea Haben interviews Scottsdale Mayor W. J. “Jim” Lane and asks important questions about the role of women in the city of Scottsdale now and for the future.

I admit that I prefer to take my politics served light with a lot of humor and cynicism, but the positive optimism and passion displayed by Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane during our recent interview was such a refreshing change.  I wasn’t quite sure how he would respond to my female centric questions, but his comments about the important role of women here in the valley were passionate and articulate.  I later found out that he grew up in a family as the only boy with five sisters so of course he should understand women.

Here is the interview:

City of Scottsdale ArizonaSmartFem:  Scottsdale has historically been a cowboy town and the men have run the town, do you see that changing?

Mayor Lane:  It’s an interesting perspective; I think that the western cities put far more stock in women than traditional east coast cities.  Opportunities and acceptance is long standing in Arizona particularly in politics.  That isn’t to say we don’t have our problems but overall, I think we are in a very good state.

SmartFem:  Do you think the new Health care reform will hurt or help small business owners in the Valley?

Mayor Lane:  Early indications are not too good; in fact I think this will hurt some small business owners.  I think it will be difficult from a cost standpoint. I wonder how it will affect or disrupt women who are comfortable with their current healthcare professionals. Still it is still pretty early to predict.

SmartFem:  Have you seen a surge in women-owned businesses in Scottsdale?

Mayor Lane:  I don’t know that I would call it a surge as I think that Scottsdale has more women owned businesses that those of their male counterparts. I feel that we have always had some pretty savvy women business owners.

SmartFem:  There still seems to be a glass ceiling for women in the work force, how can we change that?

Mayor Lane:    I think the ceiling still exists and this is one of the reasons women become entrepreneurs. I also believe some women go into business for themselves so they can develop a lifestyle that suits them…that corporate America can’t provide.

SmartFem:  While growing up which woman in your life provided the most influence?

Mayor Lane: My sister Liz, I had 5 [sisters]. Liz could do anything [and] didn’t want to necessarily follow traditional roles. She was a professor and pilot and she followed my dad’s lead. She was a strong woman and chose an interesting life.

SmartFem:  Who is your favorite female historical figure and why?

Mayor Lane:  Barbara Bush, she was involved in very important programs very quietly and gracefully. I admired her for that.

SmartFem:  Mayor Lane what changes would you like to see in Scottsdale and in Arizona for the future?

Mayor Lane:  The City of Scottsdale has done some great reforms in efficiency but we need to do more. Opening up the city to the younger generation and working with them side by side so that we can balance out some of our differences such as ethnicity, economic backgrounds and bringing people together.

In his own Words… Here are a few things you may not know about Mayor Lane.

Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane photoI was born…in Jersey City, New Jersey as the fourth and only boy in a family of 6.

The most influential person in my life as a child was…my dad, with an uncanny understanding of people and human nature. He was a great salesman who sold whatever advice he gave us individually as our own.

I believe women can….do whatever they set their mind to.

The biggest challenge being mayor of Scottsdale is….balancing interests and values between the different socio-economic groups.

My guilty pleasure is…an occasional cigar.

My favorite movie of all time is….Open Range with Kevin Costner and Robert Duvall.

One thing no one knows about me is…I cry at the end of the movie A Wonderful Life.

My proudest moment was….winning my second term as Mayor with the acknowledgement of my first term accomplishments. – “Reform, Results, Recovery”

One thing I’ve learned that I want to pass on to the women of the valley is…when working properly and honestly the complimentary psyche of the genders is a great gift to society.

Women INVESTING in Women SummitAfter interviewing Mayor Jim Lane, I too feel very good about the role of women in Scottsdale and am encouraged about its future.

Mayor Lane will be attending the Women investing in Women event on January 11th at ASU Skysong. Click here to register.

Evans Furs of Scottsdale offers Service, Storage, Restyling, Appraisals and More

Evans Furs of Scottsdale offers Service, Storage, Restyling, Appraisals and More 4.75/5 8 votes

Evans Furs & Leather has been known as the finest fur retailer throughout the Scottsdale Arizona area and the entire Southwest since 1987. Evans has over 150 years of combined experience in the fur industry.  Evans Furs also offers services such as fur appraisals, fur cleaning, fur restyling, fur repairs, fur storage. Evans offers highest level of fur and leather care in Arizona. Our salon houses the the Southwest’s most fashionable collection of furs, leathers, fine fabric outerwear and fur accessories.

Evans highly trained professional staff is available to serve you and help you pick the garment or accessory that best fits your unique needs and taste. From classic to contemporary, the salon’s extensive collection is perfectly suited for Arizona. Whether you are shopping for a special gift, or just want to treat yourself, Evans is the place to purchase your furs, leathers, fine fabric outerwear and accessories.

Don’t forget, Fur is the most renewable and biodegradable product you can find! Shop and restyle with Evans and GO GREEN!

Arizona Fur Services

Fur Restyling - We’ll restyle your old fur into something completely new and exciting again!

Fur Care - Allow your garment proper space in your closet. Never keep your fur coat in a plastic bag. Plastic may be used for transporting your fur coat on a limited basis. Wear a silk scarf at the neck of your coat to protect the collar from perfume.

Fur Cleaning - We provide expert fur cleaning, fur coat conditioning services, leather coat cleaning, leather coat conditioning, shearlings coat cleaning and shearlings coat conditioning. We also expertly clean and condition wool coats, fur trimmed coats and most specialty outerwear.

Fur Appraisals - Your fur coat, fur jacket, fur cape, fur stole , fur-trimmed coat, shearlings coat and shearlings jacket are each valuable. Be sure not to be uninsured or underinsured. For a nominal charge, we will thoroughly inspect, prepare and issue a formal written appraisal for your insurance, resale or estate purposes.

Fur Repairs - It is very important to bring your fur items for repair as soon as you notice a slight rip, tear or other sign of excessive wear – visit us and we will inspect and tell you how to care for your valuable fur, shearlings, leather and specialty outerwear.

Fur Storage - Both standard and cedar closets are not suitable for storage unless they are equipped with proper air circulation, and maintain a constant 50 degree temperature and 50% humidity to maintain valuable moisture. Caution! The smell from the use of cedar and mothballs will adhere to fur, leather and wool, creating lasting unpleasant odors. Our state-of-the-art temperature and humidity controlled vaults protect your valuable furs from damaging elements and conditions.

In keeping up with today’s ever-changing fashion scene, we have broadened our collection substantially.

A visit to our outerwear boutique is the only way to truly experience the exciting and updated shopping experience that we have created at Evans Furs and Leathers.

We offer something special for every age at every price range. Evans Furs is a holiday shopping MUST!

Map it!15435 North Scottsdale RoadEvans Furs & Leathers

 Scottsdale, AZ 85254

(480) 945-4600

Give us a call or come stop by the salon today!

New Attendance Record Achieved at Scottsdale Ferrari-Maserati Polo Championships: Horses & Horsepower

Largest Polo Event in U.S. (or Europe!) Gets Even Bigger

12,442 Polo Watchers and Partygoers From All Over The World Soak In The 2-Day Polo Party Experience

(SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.) They came from New York. They came from Nevada. They came from the United Kingdom. They came from Ohio. They came from Tucson. And they came to party, and party they did at the 2013 Scottsdale Ferrari-Maserati Polo Championships.

Some 12,442 polo fans, exotic car aficionados, horse lovers and fashionistas descended on the Penfolds Polo Field at WestWorld over the weekend, boosting the year-over-year gate attendance by a substantial margin for what is now the largest polo event in the United States (or Europe), according to The 2013 Molina Cup champions from Wales.

There was runway strutting at the Phoenix Fashion Week preview, champagne glass clinking in the tents, divot stomping at halftime and thrilling polo action with some of the best players in the country mixing it up.

It all started on Friday when the best of the best were on display at what was the highest goal polo match in the past 30 years in the Valley. Fans who watched the All-Star match witnessed some great polo play by the likes of Work to Ride’s Kareem Rosser, Erik Wright of Wright Way Polo, Peter Webb of the Clogau Wales Polo Team and Santiago Marulanda of the University of Virginia as they played to a tie an All-Star Team consisting of Jeff Hall, considered one of the best players in the U.S., Ricky Cooper of the Clogau Wales Polo Team, Sunny Hale, considered the best female player in the U.S. and Andres Camacho of the Arizona Polo Club.

On Saturday, the first match pitted America’s high school champions,Work to Ride, against the country’s 2012 college champions, theUniversity of Virginia, with UVA defeating the younger team in an exciting match. In the “Battle of the Sexes” match, which featured a women’s team led by Sunny Hale against the Arizona Polo Club Men,ended in a 7-7 tie. For the main event, the Clogau Wales Polo Team triumphed over the U.S. Military Polo Team 9-8. The U.S team was captained by Jeff Hall.  Afterwards, the Wales players drank from the sought-after Molina Cup and flew back to the United Kingdom as proud victors. Before the final match Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane issued a formal invitation to Prince William and Prince Harry via the Wales team Chairman Harry Legge-Bourke for the 4th Annual Scottsdale Polo Championships: Horses and Horsepower next year.

Last October, the Scottsdale Polo Championships drew the biggest crowd in the country for a polo event with approximately 9,188 fans enjoying the three-match showdown at the annual Polo Party. This year, with an expanded event schedule and an amped-up polo lineup including the sport’s top players, more vendors, more sponsors and the 2013 Arizona Porsche Concours d’Elegance car show, the Polo Party drew even more polo fans and revelers to WestWorld.

Attendees also enjoyed a sneak preview of the 2014 Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show and saw some serious horsepower with a preview of the world-famous Barrett-Jackson 2014 Collector Car Auction along with local Ferrari and Lamborghini car clubs lining the field.

Next year’s event, which will take place in conjunction with the United States Polo Association’s Annual Meeting, is currently slated for October 24-25, 2014. Upcoming details, teams and players will be announced in the coming months. For more information please go to

Chambers Clinic is given Best of Scottsdale Award

Chambers Clinic is given Best of Scottsdale Award 5.00/5 1 vote

Acupuncture Scottsdale Chinese Medicine Chambers ClinicYou have heard SmartFem say it all along, Dr. Keith Chambers and his team at Chambers Clinic in Scottsdale are the best Naturopathic doctors in the area….Now they have proof!

The Scottsdale Awards Program presented Chambers Clinic with the award for best Acupuncture in the Scottsdale area. The Scottsdale Award Program’s press release stated that they focus on, “quality, not quantity” as a part of their criteria.

“These exceptional companies help make the Scottsdale area a great place to live, work and play,” read the press release. Scottsdale Awards Program highlights small business with a big impact on the surrounding community.

As a SmartFem expert, Dr. Chambers knows the right way of practicing Naturopathic medicine. His patients always leave rejuvenated and content with their treatments. While Chambers Clinic received the award in the field of Acupuncture, their treatments offered by Dr. Chambers and his team are just as spectacular.

From colon hydrotherapy to allergy treatments, Chambers Clinic will surely become your go to practice for any of your health needs.

For more information on treatments offered by Chambers Clinic, check out the treatments page on their website.


Dr. Keith Chambers of Chambers Clinic

Grandparents on the Go: McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park

GOTG RR Park PhotoWhat, you might ask, is the “Walt Disney connection” to the  McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park? Hmmm… let’s take a closer look into the park to find out.

Opened in 1975 on 30 acres of donated land from the Fowler-McCormicks, McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park is one of the best bargains in Arizona.

Admission is free and you have full use of the picnic areas, playgrounds, old west play area (complete with stagecoach), and acres of cool, shaded grassy areas to run around in.

There is a small ($2.00) price for the train and carousel rides; however, children under three ride free with a paying adult fare. Plan on at least two hours for your visit, as there is so much to see and do.

Visit Stillman Station to purchase tickets for rides, visit the historic General Store to buy snacks and souvenirs, stop at the Snackstop for hot dogs, hamburgers, and drinks, check out the Model Railroad Building, where both young and old will be fascinated by the work of local model railroad clubs. can peruse the exhibits in the Scottsdale Railroad Museum at the Peoria Station, and explore the Roald Amundsen Pullman Car, which was used by presidents Hoover, FDR, Truman and Eisenhower!

The highlight of any visit here for the little ones is a ride on the Paradise & Pacific Railroad. Built at 5/12 scale, this train has been delighting visitors since the park opened.

The train even has a ‘cattle car’ that little ones can be secured in for the ride.

This railroad is meticulously maintained, deserving its place as the centerpiece of the park. This is where Walt Disney comes in. In 1971 Disney offered to purchase the RR cars for a theme park he was working on.

Luckily for all of us, it was decided to keep the Paradise & Pacific here in Scottsdale, and money was raised to get the park opened to the public in 1975. So now you know!

Check their website before you go for special events and current hours of operation. You can also reserve areas for parties and school groups.

Contact information and pricing for the railroad park can also be found on the website,



Kasten Long Commercial Real Estate Summit April 12 in Scottsdale

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Kasten Long Commercial Real Estate Summit April 12 in Scottsdale 5.00/5 1 vote

SAARWant to really know what’s happening in and around Scottsdale?  There is an exciting, full-day event to be held on Friday, April 12 at the Hilton Scottsdale Resort that is open to the public highlighting current and planned commercial real estate development in and around the NE Valley.  It is called The Commercial Real Estate Summit “It’s all about Scottsdale”.   The Summit will be hosted by the Scottsdale Area Association of Realtors® and is designed specifically for commercial/residential agents, developers, business owners, government entities, investors and residents interested in economic development.  Continental breakfast and lunch are included in the registration.  Early Registration is $45.00.  It is $55.00 per person 4/2-11, $65.00 at the door and tables of 10 are discounted to $400.00 for your company or group.

Register Online at

In our previous articles written for SmartFem, we have emphasized that “knowledge” is a powerful tool and being “smarter” than the next person – gives you a leg up on negotiating.  If you are in Scottsdale or vicinity, regardless if you are simply buying a home, renting a condo or deciding where to locate a business – the information obtained at the Summit will be a strong asset in your arsenal.

Speakers include some of the most respected leaders in the state sharing insight about current and future events and projects that are likely to have profound impacts on our quality of life.  Speakers will focus on transportation, healthcare, tourism, retail, housing, growth in the airpark, economic initiatives in south Scottsdale and plans for the Loop 101 corridor within the Salt River Pima Maricopa Indian Community.  You may register online at or simply by calling 480-720-4777.

Jim KastenJim Kasten, CCIM
SAAR Commercial Summit Coordinator
Owner / Designated Broker
Kasten Long Commercial Group


Cowboy Ciao’s Culinary Adventures Surpass 15 Years in Downtown Scottsdale

Stetson Chop


Cowboy Ciao celebrated 15 years in downtown Scottsdale on February 12, 2013.  In this day, that’s quite an accomplishment because we see restaurants come and go far too often in the Phoenix area.  Of course, this local neighborhood owned gem has a lot to offer their customers.  The menu is dotted with staples such as the Stetson Chopped Salad and a mushroom stir fry but the chef Lester Gonzalez mixes things up to keep it interesting. Speaking up mixing things up, Cowboy Ciao has never used a blender.  All their cocktails are hand mixed from fresh ingredients and bottled sodas and refreshments.  With over 3000 wines in their list, or novel, this restaurant will still be around in another 15 years.

Offering luscious desserts, big masculine cuts of meat and striking food combinations in an eclectic, colorful, yet intimate atmosphere, Cowboy Ciao has warmed the hearts of many Phoenicians since the day they opened their doors.  For more details on this restaurant and their extraordinary offerings, read my full review here on the

Look for a review on their sister establishment Kazmierz World Wine Bar “Kazbar” which resides just behind Cowboy Ciao.  Hidden behind unmarked wooden doors, the Kazbar offers some of Cowboy Ciao’s favorites as small plates.  Let me keep you in suspense but…  it’s dark with cozy lounges and a European wine cave feel.  We’ll revisit the Kazbar together soon so keep watching here on SmartFem.  And for those needing a fix coming in or out of Phoenix Sky Harbor, they now are serving up some of their staples for travelers as well.

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