The Red Carpet Facial is a Box Office Hit!

Red Carpet Facial at Chambers Clinic in North Scottsdale by Saejah Tapp AestheticianLike most women,  I can say that I have several drawers full of cosmetics and anti-aging products that fail to live up to their promise of eternal youth.  Red Carpet Facial at Chambers Clinic in North Scottsdale by Saejah Tapp AestheticianI am a hard core skeptic when it comes to beauty regimes or products that cost a lot and never seem to deliver.  Once in awhile, however, I am pleasantly surprised and am compelled to share my experience with other women.

I don’t think I know a woman who hasn’t had a spa facial treatment and although they feel good, up until now, I have never really seen or felt a significant difference.  That is, up until now.  Recently I had the pleasure of experiencing  a Red Carpet Facial treatment with Medical Esthetician Saejah Tapp of Chambers Clinic in North Scottsdale.  Also known as the “Hollywood Facial” for it’s amazing results.  Saejah is an expert who specializes in corrective skincare and told me that it would dissolve dry/dead skin, even out skin tone, lighten sun damage, plump skin, shrink pores and leave skin glowing.

Red Carpet Facial at Chambers Clinic in North Scottsdale by Saejah Tapp AestheticianWow!  After a little over an hour I can say with excitement that it’s all true, it even shrunk the pores on my nose!

Off the shelf anti-aging cosmetic products have always left something to be desired but I am happy to say that the red carpet facial absolutely does deliver.  It’s a safer and far less expensive alternative to botox treatments.   I was so impressed that I asked Saejah to give my SmartFem readers a discount and she agreed.

Saejah Tapp is an Aesthetician with Chambers Clinic in North ScottsdaleIf you have an important event or just want to look your best, check out Saejah at Chambers clinic and ask for her “Red Carpet Facial.”  She will have your face ready for a Hollywood close up in no time.  Be sure to mention you read about her here on SmartFem and receive a ten percent discount!


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Author: Lea Haben

Lea’s career is highlighted by 25 years of public relations, writing columns, hosting a radio show, and over a hundred TV appearances.  Lea’s career includes news segments for ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox TV, as well as writing a regular column for Runway Magazine, North Valley Magazine, and AZ Weekly.  Her articles have been featured in 101North, So Scottsdale, The Business Journal, and Phoenix Woman.  Previously as the founder of Lasting Impression Consulting and now she has been retained by businesses all over the valley to help them improve their visibility and potential through the media.  As a member of the National Speakers Association Lea has also appeared as a motivational speaker throughout the country.

Lea recently started to pursue her passion of protecting and serving women.  SmartFem is a calling and was inspired by her desire to protect and serve her daughter Lauren.  SmartFem is a trusted guide which carefully screens its featured experts to ensure the highest standards of integrity and service.  In fact, all of SmartFem’s experts must sign an integrity clause to ensure that members get the very best customer experience and businesses are able to foster a lasting relationship.  Lea has always enjoyed working with small business owners and her newest endeavor SmartFem allows her to help them on a much grander scale while catering to her passion of helping women.

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