New Flooring? – Tile, Wood, or Carpet…Choices, Choices

New Flooring ChoicesTired of staring at your old floors?  Don’t wait for your spouse to choose your new flooring.  But choosing what to furnish your floors with can be a stressful and frustrating decision to make.  After all, flooring is such a core component of any home; it’s what your kids will play on and where you’ll be walking your tired feet all over.  Without going into too much technical detail or touching on the subtle nuances of each brand, let’s go over the pro and cons each of the major choices of flooring.


CarpetI grew up in a house filled with carpet and it holds a special place in my heart.  I think of carpet, I think of warmth and fuzziness; it’s soft and cuddly and will keep your feet warm during cold nights, not that there’s that many in Arizona, but still.

Carpets are the cheapest of the bunch, beating out wood and tile, but unfortunately it also has to be replaced every 10 to 30 years depending on maintenance and the number of people in your home.

Carpets have an unfortunate tendency to trap dust and dirt, so it can pose as a problem for those with respiratory problems and younger infants.  If you don’t regularly clean them every month or two, expect to feel the effects.  Carpets can get stained and trap odors.  If you’re not careful, spilled drinks or untrained pets can easily transform your day into a cleaning battle royale.  It’s definitely something to watch out for.

Carpets can add that special touch to a home to really make it feel like a “home.”  It’s cheap and maintainable, doesn’t have to be replaced for many years, and will give your precious feet a level of comfort that harder flooring can’t provide.

Hardwood Flooring

Ah, hardwood flooring.  Regarded as fine and more luxurious, hardwood flooring can transform an otherwise average looking home into a magical one.  They’re expensive but will last you a lifetime, and you will never have to worry twice about replacing them; though your grandchildren might.Hardwood Flooring

The fine look of real hardwood floors comes with a cost, the material alone versus carpeting can be up to twice as much.

Children and pets are a mixed blessing as well.  You will have to pay careful attention to have them avoid scratching up the wood, and spills should be cleaned up immediately, otherwise moisture can leak into the wood and cause damage to its integrity.

Hardwood floors are a great long term investment and will save you money in the long run if maintained properly.  They look phenomenal in any home and are sure to “wow!” your guests.


Finally we have tile, a clean and classy look for any space.  Tile is more expensive than carpet and competes with hardwood flooring but offers the best choice for a long term investment.  Tile will last as long as hardwood floors, but with lower maintenance.  With tile, you can neglect them as long as you like and they can be easily restored to new again.  Tile FlooringYou can’t say that about carpet or wood and that’s what makes tile a great choice for busy mothers on the go.

Clean, classy, and safe, one might call tile the gentleman of the three floors.  Always a solid choice no doubt!

There you have it; the three most common types of flooring broken down into English.  I hope you all enjoyed the read, and I know some guys who very knowledgeable on all kinds of flooring choices.  They will even drive to your home with their fully equipped mobile showroom to offer a free estimate and consultation; you can’t beat that!  They will offer a 20% discount on all services just for mentioning you saw them on SmartFem!

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Author: Johnny Yang

Johnny Yang is a student of Business Marketing at Arizona State University in Phoenix.  Born in the bay area of Northern California, Johnny has spent time in his native China and also speaks fluent Mandarin.

In addition to being a contributing writer to SmartFem magazine, Johnny enjoys exercise, cooking, and making new friends.

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