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Get SmartFem’s Free Mobile App on your phone or tablet!

February 3, 2011 by  
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How to Get the SmartFem Free Mobile App on your phone or tablet!

Get the latest News from the Experts and the latest promotions and coupons right on your phone or tablet.


SmartFem utilizes web based technology to run the SmartFem mobile app directly in your phone or tablet’s browser.  This way you don’t have to download anything.  No mobile app store, no iTunes, no background tasks draining your battery, and none of your precious memory is used up to store the app on your device.  It’s all stored and executed online in the cloud!

Getting the App is Easy and Free!  It will work on any connected mobile device including the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone.  No more downloading.

Just go to from your mobile phone or tablet…just as you would any other web site.


Or, if you have your phone handy, just scan the following QR code right off this page!


Once you are on the SmartFem mobile web app on your mobile phone, you can save a bookmark or set an icon on your home screen.

For Android users:  From the menu screen….select “More”….then just choose “Add shortcut to Home”

For iPhone users:  Just tap the bookmark icon and select “Add to Home Screen”

You can use the mobile app anytime for the latest News from the Experts and the best deals on the best products and services in town!


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