Everyone is celebrating and rejoicing that gas prices have fallen and continue to fall. However, with an economy that is always changing, saving as much money as possible has become almost a necessity. Even though gas is at an extremely reasonable price, there still are ways you can keep your car from guzzling your tank dry within a few days.

After speaking to a local automotive professional, some tips were given on ways to expel less gas when driving and keep your money where it belongs, in your pocket.

Pumping gasolineCoast to a Stop

Many people choose to stay at top speeds until the very last minute, breaking hard when at a stoplight or when traffic slows down. This obviously wastes gasoline! The best way to stop your vehicle is to coast down the road until your vehicle is barely rolling before applying your brakes.

Avoid Both Slowly Crawling Up to Speed and Flooring It

Just like everyone’s favorite childhood story, Goldie Locks and the Three Bears, when it comes to reaching your desired speed, you need to accelerate “just right.” Everyone knows that peeling rubber wastes gas, however, bringing your car up to speed too slowly can waste just as much of your gasoline. Find a happy medium and conserve.

Using A/C vs Rolling Down Windows

Many people believe that leaving the air conditioning off and rolling down the windows is the primary way to keep gas in the gas tank, however, sometimes it is better to leave the windows up and keep the A/C on. If driving under 55mph, turn off the air conditioning and roll down the windows. When driving above 55mph, keep the windows up and blast the A/C.

Keep Your Car in Good Shape

Making sure your vehicle’s tires are filled fully with air while also regularly changing your oil can do wonders for your pocketbook.Oil change If tires are low and oil is dirty, you car has to work three times as hard to move, burning just as much gas in the process.

Follow these conservation tips and get what you paid for and more out of your gasoline!