Clothes worn in Kids Rock the Runway fashion showLast Saturday marked the start of a wonderful charity event, planned to be held annually, at Alice Cooper’s “The Rock Teen Center” in Phoenix, Arizona. The “Kids Rock the Runway” fashion show, sponsored by Morgan Cooper and Cheeky Chic Baby Boutique, brought together children from around the valley to model and advertise Cooper’s baby t-shirt line Scoop, as well as the arsenal of clothing styles offered by Cheeky Chic Baby Boutique. What made this event truly worthwhile, other than watching all of the adorable children rock some stylish fashions, was the fact that every last dollar was donated to “The Rock Teen Center” to assist in the center’s goal of enriching teen’s lives through music, dance, and self expression. Intertwined with performances from members of “The Rock Teen Center,” this fashion charity event was a sellout success that supported a great cause while providing quality entertainment to dozens of families.

As the doors opened up to the public, the event kicked off with shopping opportunities through the local vendors who had donated and contributed to the show. There were tablesPerformers at the Kids Rock the Runway fashion show offering photography, clothing, mother and children gym memberships, and even types of aroma therapy. The audience members gladly walked around and shopped away before the show began.

Once the lights dimmed, the audience was met by the host of the evening, anchor and reporter for 12 Today, Tram Mai. Being a mother of twin toddlers herself, it was only fitting to have her be the announcer for the event’s festivities. Mai was energetic, sweet, and led the show right along in a timely manner.

The first act to open the show was a bucket/drum performance by a group called The Bucket Brigade. This group was able to create catchy beats out of old buckets and PVC pipe that truly got the audience into the rock ‘n’ roll spirit. The second performance was by a member of “The Rock Teen Center,” Noah Draghon, who sang and performed an original song on his acoustic guitar. Noah was a prime example of the positive influence “The Rock Teen Center” has on its students, and of the musical skills that can be acquired at such a center. The third and final performance was by the adorable pop group, The Solid Rockettes. These four young ladies danced and sang like real pop stars, yet again showcasing the talent developed and honed at “The Rock Teen Center.”

Children models at the Kids Rock the Runway fashion show With the performances leaving the audience buzzing for more, the fashion show began. Dozens of children, from the ages of 1 to 9 years old, bounced down the runway in chic and stylish outfits. There were pants, t-shirts, skirts, dresses, jackets, sweaters, tights, scarves, hats, and even capes flying back and forth, with children striking poses, and eating up the limelight. These kids were radiating with joy and the audience went wild. Pictures were snapped left and right, claps roared through the room, hoots and hollers echoed off the walls, and every face had a smile present. Accompanying the children as they walked the catwalk was famous rock music from throughout the decades, adding to the chic and cool ambience. As the show progressed the outfits took on more of a Halloween-like theme, in regards for the upcoming holiday. What really got the audience to roar however, was when the mothers with twin children, in theme with Morgan Cooper’s twin boys, came out on the runway with their Morgan Cooper and Trambabies in matching outfits. Nothing could have been more adorable in that moment.

Overall, the “Kids Rock the Runway” fashion show was a complete success in the world of children’s fashion, and in regards to charitable events. Everyone in attendance seemed to be enjoying themselves, the children and performers absolutely rocked the runway, and the afternoon was spent in a positive way. hopes to be in attendance when the fashion shows returns to the valley of the sun in the years to come.