No One Is IllegalAmerica was founded by immigrants. This is a fact many Americans tend to forget or overlook when it comes to the topic of immigration in the United States.

Immigration has been a debated controversial issue in the United States since the time of the original settlers and continues to be discussed throughout the country today. With highly publicized ideas presented by some Presidential candidates that immigrants bring negativity to the United States, it is no wonder that many Americans believe immigrants, both legal and illegal, simply have to go.

What many people don’t realize though, is that immigration actually increases economic growth, according to The Fiscal Times. This publication states that immigration benefits American in a least two different ways.

  1. Increased Immigration adds members to the American work force, encouraging the creation of new businesses/business startups.
  2. They help increase economic efficiency by providing both low-skilled and high-skilled workers.

With the expansion of new businesses, the job market opened up for both immigrants and native born Americans, which in turn lowers the unemployment rate in the United States. Then, with both low-skilled and high-skilled immigrants entering the U.S. job market, specific jobs that are not as often filled by native-born Americans will be filled by  foreigners who are better suited for the position. For example, low-skilled immigrants fill job positions in the agricultural, pleasure, or hospitality fields. High-skilled workers on the other hand, who tend to be skilled in physics, engineering, and computer science, tend to fill the mathematical and scientific positions in the job market.

With those two benefits alone, it is surprising that so many Americans remain opposed to having a more open immigration process. Although there are negatives that come from immigration, illegal immigrants being one of them, the benefits seem toAmerican Flag outweigh the consequences. Plus, with a country founded on immigration fueled by the goal of escaping oppression, welcoming more immigrants looking to better their lives would just be the natural thing to do wouldn’t it?

Even with the facts and data all over the internet, in economic publications, and in political debates explaining the benefits of immigration, there are still others out there who share the negative views presented by publicity seeking politicians. Even though America was founded on the beliefs and ideas of immigrant settlers, clearly not all American citizens believe in the importance of immigration.