Fuel Your Love For Local Plant Life at the Desert Botanical Garden

Fuel Your Love For Local Plant Life at the Desert Botanical GardenA hidden gem in the Phoenix area is the Desert Botanical Garden, located just down the street from the Phoenix Zoo. Although this attraction may not be filled with exotic animals or exhilarating rides, I believe this garden offers beauty not many people can experience elsewhere. From the gorgeous desert scenery to the many artistic performances held there, taking a day trip to this nature-filled wonderland is a real treat.

As the garden’s website states, “The Desert Botanical Garden provides a world-class experience for every visitor. Through permanent trailside exhibits, temporary art exhibitions and seasonal experiences we seek to transform the visitor experience into one of discovery and meaning about the desert and desert plants.”

It takes about three to four hours to explore the entire garden, that is, if you are one to truly stop and smell the flowers. The Desert Botanical Garden has five different trails, all offering unique and breathtaking experiences. Plus, if you keep your eyes peeled while on the trail, there are copious amounts of birds, rodents, lizards, and bugs you can spot on your journey!

1. Desert Discovery Loop Trail

This loop trail gave way to a massive scenery of local cacti, succulents, flowers, and local critters that made their homes among the plants. This trail  filters visitors into all of the other available trails.

2. Plants & People of the Sonoran DesertFuel Your Love For Local Plant Life at the Desert Botanical Garden

When on this trail, visitors are transported back to the times of the Native American tribes who grew food locally, built their own huts, and lived as one with the desert environment.

3. Sonoran Desert Nature Loop Trail

Similarly to the main Desert Discovery Loop Trail, this trail took visitors on a journey through century-old cacti taller than buildings, gave way to some of the most beautiful cactus flowers to be seen, and displayed information on each individual desert beauty to be seen along the trail.

Fuel Your Love For Local Plant Life at the Desert Botanical Garden4. Center for Desert Living Trail

To learn about edible plants that grow and thrive in the Sonoran Desert, visitors can head to the Center for Desert Living Trail. Here herb gardens, vegetable gardens, and fruits trees galore can be found. Warning though, it is hard not to want a taste when walking through this part of the Desert Botanical Garden.

5. Harriet K. Maxwell Desert Wildflower Loop Trail

Last but certainly not least is the loop filled with gorgeous desert wildflowers and the critters that live among them. Here the colors pink, red, yellow, green, purple, and orange, capture visitors’ gazes. Then the constant flitting back and forth of hummingbirds and butterflies keeps onlookers hooked.

Even though the temperature continues to rise in the Valley of the Sun this summer, the Desert Botanical Garden is still the place to go (especially because the majority of the garden is shaded by the plants). Just slap on some sunscreen, bring plenty of water, and enjoy the desert scenery like you never believed you could before!