Haydyn Matthews

Haydyn Matthews- Investigator and Ghost Hunter.

There are many people in this world who have had an experience with a ghost, or with multiple ghosts throughout their lifetime. However, I would’t say there are too many people out there who purposely seek out those lost spirits, whether it be for research purposes, religious purposes, or for some other reason. Haydyn Matthews happens to be one of those people who looks for the paranormal.

At the age of 15, Matthews joined the Crossing Over Paranormal Society, or better known as the COPS Crew, a team of ghost hunters set on seeking the truth and gathering a better understanding of the paranormal. She contributes to the team as a hunter and investigator who is quite “sensitive” to paranormal energy. Matthews is able to see images in her head of certain spirits/places, and draws them out for the team to see. What really validates her images though is when Matthews’ drawings match up almost identically with what is later caught on tape or snapped in a picture by the crew. As well as working with the COPS Crew, Matthews manages her own Facebook page/blog, The Life of a Teenage Ghost Hunter.

I was lucky enough to have a sit down interview with Matthews, where she shared with me one of her first memorable ghost hunting excursions with the COPS Crew. Here is her paranormal story…

Although she is an affiliate of the Crossing Over Paranormal Society, this experience is being told from the point of view of Haydyn Matthews herself, and does not directly express the thoughts and opinions of the COPS Crew.

One experience that actually stood out to me the most was when we were at a funeral home. I didn’t get much information COPS Crewabout it in the first place, so I was kinda walking in blindly. We walked into the chapel, and did this experiment to see if the entity would try to communicate with us. You know the old fashion flashlights where you have to twist them on? Well, basically we set the lights on the table after debunking everything. We made sure the flashlights wouldn’t roll off of the table, or that nothing else will get in the way or disturb our set up. What we did is that we asked yes or no questions, and saw if the spirit would turn on the light. In that location, the spirit actually did turn the flashlights on a few times. It would turn the light on and off to answer the questions. It was very clear in its responses, and seemed to be very intelligent.

For a while I stood in the back of the chapel just because I was observing, I had only been with the COPS Crew for a year and a half at the time. So, they kept on with the experiment, and then they started to realize that the lights were dimming; they weren’t as bright. Then, all of a sudden, the ghost just would’t do anything. The team was watching to see what else it would do, kind of antagonizing it to see if it would come back. Suddenly my stomach started to sink, and I could  sense that there was a man standing behind me, but there was nothing there physically. My stomach continued to sink and I got the butterfly sensation as well. Even though it got really scary, I didn’t feel intimidated. I was scared because I didn’t know what was going on at the time; like I said, I was new. 

ghost huntingI walked away from that spot, thinking it must of just been the area. The feeling did go away once I moved, but then it started to creep up on me again, as if the man was following me. I kept moving and I kept getting the sensation again and again, however, I felt like the man was just curious. It was as if he was wondering what all these people were doing there, wondering what he was doing there, wondering if he was really dead. He was scared too, but it was more of a curiosity kind of fear.

Shortly after I went to the preacher on site, Paul, and I asked him if he could help me out with what was happening. He went up to the front of the room and spoke out to the spirit, telling it that if it was weak it could use his energy instead. He told it to go turn on the flashlights on his side of the room, and to come away from me. What ended up happening is that the ghost did actually take Paul’s energy, but he ended up passing out from it. That was honestly the scariest part of the whole experience for me, because Paul was kind of an older man and I wanted to make sure he was going to be ok.

What was so interesting about that case though, is that afterwards the team took pictures of the outside of the building, but the morgue in the back was closed off for health reasons and no one was allowed back there. After, when the pictures were being looked at, one of the photos showed a man standing in the morgue, looking out at us from the window.

While the spirit had been standing behind me, I don’t know how, but I could sense how tall he was and could picture slightly what his face looked like, and it definitely was the face of the man that was in that photograph…

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