Celebrating Mother’s Day After Divorce- Tips to Better the Day

Celebrating Mother’s Day After DivorceMother’s Day is a wonderful time of year to celebrate the hard work all mothers have done for their kids and their spouses. However, if a family has gone through a divorce, it can be a little overwhelming when celebrating this specific holiday (and also Father’s Day coming up soon as well).

Whether split families have to schedule where the kids will be on mom’s special day, or figure out ways of showing mom love if they can’t see her, Mother’s Day in a divorced family isn’t always easy.

Here are some tips on ways to make mom’s special holiday as flawless as possible, even if it may be a little more difficult than when the family wasn’t split up.

Plan Everything Out Way In Advance

The website Our Family Wizard shares tips on making Mother’s Day go as flawlessly as possible. One of those tips includes planning schedules way in advance.

“Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are parent-specific holidays, so if possible, kids should be able to spend each holiday with the celebrated parent.  In Celebrating Mother’s Day After Divorcethe case of Mother’s Day, moms should look forward to a fun, stress-free day spent with their kids.  Parents should take a look at their shared parenting schedule over the Mother’s Day weekend to see if any adjustments needs to be addressed in order to make this happen.”

As Parents, Keep It Mature

With a fresh divorce (or sometimes with an old, bitter one) it can be an issue being mature around holidays together. If mom and dad just HAVE to be together for Mother’s Day, they are going to need to set good examples for their children and keep the holiday peaceful. To all the divorced fathers, remind your children what a wonderful mother they have, no matter what happened between the romantic relationship. Mothers, if you can stand it, allow you ex-husband to hang around for a minute on Mother’s Day to show your kids that brief holiday meetings as a family are still possible.

However, if the divorced parents just cannot bear being around each other, at least try to be as civil and cooperative as possible around holidays Celebrating Mother’s Day After Divorcelike Mother’s Day. It will set a positive example for the children and keep the day peaceful.

 Change the Date If Need Be

The Huffington Post had a wonderful article that talked about single mothers on their special holiday. One of their tips to a drama-free Mother’s Day was to plan a different to celebrate if you just cannot workout having the kids come to you for the day of celebration.

 “If your ex isn’t agreeable to an exchange of parenting time or it’s not possible because of other commitments, don’t give up on celebrating the day. Look for a day when your children will be with you that you can deem to be Mother’s Day. Don’t worry that it isn’t the actual Mother’s Day.”