Animal Yoga Is the New Workout Treat

Animal Yoga Is the New Workout TreatYoga has always been a smiled-upon form of exercise throughout society. Websites like the Yoga Journal state that doing yoga can bring some pretty positive and notable changes to the body. Yoga can improve flexibility, build muscle strength, perfect posture, betters bone health, increases blood flow, drop blood pressure, improve your balance, and overall helps make you happier! However, some people who are shaky about yoga might need even more of an incentive to go take a class or two.

You might be wondering– after seeing all of the health benefits, why would anyone shy away from yoga in the first place? Well, as someone who has personally never gotten much into yoga before, here may be some reasons why:

  1. You don’t have time for yoga
  2. You are afraid you’ll look like an inflexible idiot in yoga
  3. You have health problems that keep you from doing yoga
  4. You thrive with other forms of exercise and don’t see yourself needing yoga
  5. You need more of an incentive to go do yoga

Now, if you are like me, then you fall may fall under at least one or even a few of these categories. BUT if I am being 100% honest with you and with myself, I mostly fall under #5: I need more of an incentive to go do yoga!

I honestly would go to yoga classes more often if there was an even better incentive other than the health benefits (I already do many other workout forms at the gym that benefit my health as it is). After scrolling through social media though, I seem to have found my new incentive to go learn some new yoga poses… THERE ARE CLASSES WHERE YOU CAN DO YOGA WHILE SURROUNDED BY CUTE ANIMALS!!!Animal Yoga Is the New Workout Treat

Animal yoga has been popping up all over the place due to the popularity and ability to draw in crowds. In Arizona alone, there have been multiple forms of animal yoga that people can participate in.

The Tucson Weekly paper just recently wrote a short blurb advertising a kitten yoga event coming to the area July 29th, 2017. The event was made possible by the local Humane Society of Southern Arizona.

The article linked to the humane society’s website, which stated, “Calling all Yogis- Don’t miss this chance to practice your Cat Pose with adoptable Kittens! We will be on-site at Floor Polish Studio for three separate yoga classes on Saturday July 29th- All levels welcome. Each class is 1-hour and is limited to 25. Don’t wait, tickets are only $25 and will sell-out fast!”

If cat’s aren’t your thing, there are opportunities to do animal yoga with puppies, little bunnies, and
even goats surfacing everywhere!

Animal Yoga Is the New Workout TreatBack in October of 2016, the city of Gilbert made goat yoga a reality for everyone to enjoy. The Arizona Republic wrote an article on April Gould’s farm near Ocotillo and Lindsey roads in Gilbert, which was allowing people to come to the farm and do yoga among the wandering goats.

Since then, the popularity has skyrocketed, and the website Arizona Goat Yoga was created. For more information on classes and how to sign up, head to their website here!

So don’t be distraught if you need a little extra “something” to motivate you to take a yoga class. Animal yoga is out there, and something I definitely recommend people give a try! Sometimes doing the downward dog near a puppy, the cat pose above a kitten, or the child’s pose accompanied by a few “baa-ing” kids is just what the soul needs for true happiness. Namaste friends!