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Camp Soaring Eagle Gala

Being in the public eye isn’t always easy, and it only gets harder after a certain age as society, and even men, put an expiration date on women. I recently went on a path all women go through – looking in the mirror and not recognizing the woman staring back at me. I am fortunate to be surrounded by consummate professionals who helped me with the journey I’m about to share. We have all heard the old adage “It’s what’s inside that counts,” and while that’s true it’s hard to own that when we are constantly judged by our appearance.

I started my journey working on myself and trying to get healthy. I met with Dr. Liz Cruz and her partner, Tina Nunziato, a certified holistic nutritionist, for a complete detox and fresh start. Dr. Cruz and Tina came into the SmartFem office and together they explained how digestion and our bodies work. They supplied me with their complete supplement package which included their Delicate Detox, Everyday Enzymes, Pleasant Probiotics, and Gastro Greens, as well as converting me to alkaline water. 

Annette and Lea

Annette, All Transformations

The results have been life changing. Since starting the program I have lost 13 pounds, no longer in need of taking IbuprofenPM, and my hair and skin are much more hydrated. My sugar cravings have stopped and I am not only looking better, but I feel better as well. Perhaps what is most astonishing is how I am down to one cup of coffee a day, and have cut back on my wine intake as well. 

I felt so great with myself on the inside I decided to reflect my newfound self on the outside. I called up celebrity image consultant Annette Loertscher, founder of All Transformations, and who’s columns grace the pages of SmartFem. She was amazing! The perfect cheerleader and coach when you aren’t feeling your absolute best. Annette and I discussed a new look for me, and I was ready for something a bit more effortless and sophisticated. She took me to her favorite salon, Zolton’s Salon and Spa in Scottsdale, and Annette’s stylist Brenda gave me the most fabulous cut and color.

Eyes are the windows to the soul, and I have never had my eyebrows professionally shaped before. We went to Olga Brow Studio in Scottsdale and had my eyebrows done for the first time. I can’t believe how much my brows make my eyes pop, not to mention how much time I save in the morning when getting ready.

Augustina Snowden and Gary Begley of Imaj Institute in Scottsdale offer amazing procedures, and thanks to them they have done wonders for me. I’ve had sculptor and collagen synthesis on my face, an amazing IPL, and even a little laser on my lips to make them fuller. I am not a fan of the fillers or implants so many women put in their lips. My lips are full and natural looking, which I love. I had sculptor done on my arms to tighten them up, and my décolleté softened to get rid of the sun damage and wrinkles. I even tried their 30 minute sculptor on my abdomen and lost 2 whole inches! Losing weight is fabulous but what really thrilled me was that Imaj Institute was able to tighten things up. I recently treated myself to gorgeous lash extensions, courtesy of Meagan, one of the students at Imaj Institute.

before photo

Before Photo

The final beauty expert I consulted with was our columnist Kim Ann, of Kim Ann’s Beauty Black Book. She is truly an expert on products and what really works. Constantly researching new products and procedures, her blog is a really fun read, and the first thing she did was give me two products that help me maintain the procedures I just had done, and prolong the results I received from Imaj Institute. Some products she suggested were décolletage pads to keep my chest wrinkle free and Lip Venom, which uses cinnamon and ginger oil to prolong the results from the collagen-building treatment I had done on my lips.

after 2

After Photo

As I mentioned, it takes a village so, a big heart-felt thank you to all of the experts who made me look and feel amazing. When looking at my before picture from Rock the Runway a few months ago I was definitely not red carpet ready.

My after photos are from the recent Camp Soaring Eagle Gala, which all the fabulous experts helped me rock the stage for! I am happy to say our SmartFem experts are the best beauty villagers in town!