Lose Weight By Eating- Kick That Holiday Weight Gain To the CurbThe holidays are over and 2017 is here! It’s time for a new year and a new you. A sure-fire way to transform yourself into a new and improved person is to get back into shape! Let’s face it, you pigged out this holiday. Thanksgiving all the way through the new year is meant to fatten you up. From juicy meats full of fat, delicious sides laden with sodium and starch, to even all the sugar filled deserts can make anyone gain a few extra pounds.

Never fear though, a little exercise and a strict diet can get anyone back on track to having the body they want and deserve for the new year! Let’s kick that weight gain in the butt and get that bod ready for the summer time. The perfect combination to lose weight comes from a healthy diet of foods and drinks.


Detox with some lemon, cucumber, and mint infused water. These waters help you curb your sweet tooth while also working toward Lose Weight By Eating- Kick That Holiday Weight Gain To the Curbburning fat and easing stress. However, if flavored water isn’t your thing, then try a tasty protein shake! Mixing a vanilla or banana powder with some berries and ice in a blender can be a delicious drink to curb your hunger while still giving you the nutrients you need. According to bodyandsoul.com, “They’ve been touted as a quick fix for women who want to be healthy, but don’t have the time to prepare a full and wholesome meal every night.”


Fruits like apples and pears are great snacks to eat when trying to combat weight gain. Health.com says, “With a satisfying crunch—or in the case of certain softer varieties, a sweet, juicy bite—apples and pears provide a lot of bang for your buck. For less than $1 and around 100 calories, you get between 4 and 6 grams of appetite-suppressing fiber, plus lots of antioxidants.”

Some other delicious snack foods that provide helpful nutrients and curb hunger/cravings are greek yogurt (keeps you feeling full longer, calcium), almonds (full of fiber, healthy fats, protein, and vitamin E), hardboiled eggs (protein, fullness longer), avocado (anti-inflamatory, lowers heart disease), and quinoa (gluten free, high in protein).


Lose Weight By Eating- Kick That Holiday Weight Gain To the CurbThere are a plethora of meal ideas that can curb your cravings, help you feel full longer, and satisfy your taste buds! Quick and easy meals like whole wheat pastas, healthy meats, fruits, and veggies can be the perfect lunches and dinners. Grilled chicken and steamed vegetables is always a quick go-to meal that is satisfying and delicious. The grilled chicken is clearly high in protein and the vegetables are high in fiber. Similarly, grilled fish and salad are also high in protein and fiber. Some other delicious and nutritious meals are whole wheat pasta with peppers and tomatoes, grilled turkey burgers with wheat buns, and lettuce wraps with shrimp, chicken, and mixed vegetables.

With these delicious drinks, snacks, and meals, you are sure to combat that weight gain after the holidays. Just make sure to add in some physical activities, and you will be good to go! Happy New Year, and happy new you!!!