My Journey to a Life Void of Gluten- Eating Cleaner, Feeling Better

My Journey to a Life Void of GlutenI have been trying to lose fat and kickstart a healthy lifestyle for some time now. The moment I entered college I began stress eating, and the weight clung to me like bees to honey. It has been almost four years now since I have been struggling with a “college kid diet,” and decided it was time to do something about it. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m 5′ 2″ and 135 pounds. I am not overweight in any way, just a little curvier than I had been in the past. However it wasn’t until two months ago, when I found out I was invited to a weekend trip away in Vegas to celebrate my best friend’s birthday, that I decided to kick my healthy lifestyle into gear. I started my dietary journey about a month and a half ago and  have given myself three months to clean up my diet, exercise a little more, and shed a few pounds before the trip! One of the easiest (yet still pretty difficult at first) ways that I started shedding pounds was to cut harmful gluten out of my diet completely.

I know what you may be thinking, “This girl is giving up all the joys in life!” Pizza, toast, pasta, cake, cookies, crackers, pancakes, etc. all gone. Trust me, it took a while to wrap my head around as well, being the food-lover that I am. However, after seeing what my alternative options were, I was more than surprised to find gluten free versions of all the bready foods I know and love. Literally ALL of the foods I mentioned above have gluten free substitutes. I also switched many of my “gluten snacks” out for  snacks made with rice or corn flower. Although these grains do contain gluten, they contain a form of it that is not harmful like the gluten found in regular flower.My Journey to a Life Void of Gluten

There were even substitutions for my gluten free options as well. For example, I could switch to spaghetti squash in my favorite Italian recipes instead of actual pasta (which is absolutely delicious by the way), or could make my own “bread” out of cauliflower! And if you don’t believe me about using cauliflower as a bread substitute, then check out this recipe and be amazed!

After a month and a half of eating a diet free of gluten, along with cutting out bad fats and sugars, I have lost 7 pounds and have gone down one pant size. I have helped cut a lot of unnecessary carbs, and have flushed out my system of any unhealthy ingredients that have been upsetting my stomach and making me miserable. I may have only been on my journey to a healthier diet for a short amount of time, but I look forward to the benefits both my body and my spirit will experience down the from this new lifestyle. I’ve already seen improvements this early on, so the future is promising.

If you’ve been thinking about trying a new, healthier lifestyle, I definitely recommend trying out the gluten free life first! I feel full of energy and am ready to take on the world because of it. It is amazing what a little dietary upgrade can really do! Happy eating friends.