couple in the waterI may only be in my early 20s, but I was raised to know how couples should treat each other. I was raised to be a loyal, caring, loving, and gracious woman. My mother taught me that if I gave my all in a relationship, that I should expect the same amount of love and affection from my significant other. On top of that, she showed me the importance of being with a chivalrous man, who would treat me like a princess.

In today’s society, men and women have forgotten what it means to treat their significant other like royalty. People spend less and less time together, they don’t go out of their way for each other, and they become so wrapped up in their own lives that they forget to shower their loved one in the affection they deserve.

I have talked to numerous girlfriends of mine, and they tell me the men in their lives just don’t treat them as wonderfully as they deserve. Now, I’m sure both partners in the relationship may be at fault for the lack of romanticism together, but I have also realized that the men nowadays just are not as chivalrous as they used to be. Even though I have been with some wonderful men in my life, they just weren’t as chivalrous as they could have been, especially considering how much effort I put into the relationships.

When I started to truly believe that chivalry was a dead practice, I went on one date that changed my mind and lifted my spirits. This one date once again gave me faith in the male population, and no matter how cheesy this sounds, made me feel like a princess once again…

couple eating lunchThe night started off with me picking him up from his apartment, because he was in the process of getting a new car and was vehicle-less. Leading up to that night,  I wasn’t sure if I wanted to call whatever we were doing an actual date at first, because I hadn’t necessarily placed my date in the “future boyfriend” category yet. I had barely known him, but was willing to give him a chance to take me out. Anyway, I picked him up and we surprisingly hit it off from the get-go. He was very polite from the moment the “date” started, and I had started to get excited for what was to come. But, not wanting to count my chickens before they hatched, I kept my expectations for the evening low.

Before getting into my car, my date went out of his way to open my door for me, making sure I was strapped in and comfortable before hopping into the passenger seat himself. Then before taking off, I turned the car on and passed him my auxiliary cord. I have a rule in my car that whoever is in the passenger seat gets to plug in their phone and choose the music. But no, this guy wouldn’t have it. He wanted to listen to the music that I liked, the music that made me the most comfortable. I had thought that gesture was very sweet.

After driving for 20 minutes, singing to music and getting to know each other better, we arrived at the restaurant we had decided on earlier. The whole time we ate, he kept offering me everything that was on his plate. The guy was almost too generous! Nonetheless, I couple in bedthought it was sweet and quite adorable. Then, the time to pay the check came. I pulled out my wallet, once again not sure if this was an actual date or not, and got ready to pay my side of the bill. Before I was able to pull my card out, his hand shot across the table, covering my wallet. He couldn’t believe I was trying to pay for my own meal. He told me that because I drove, paying for the bill was the least he could do. Then under his breath (he thought I couldn’t hear) he mumbled that he would have paid for me no matter what. How gentlemanly! Even though I am big on equality in a relationship, I was extremely flattered at his generosity.

After dinner we grabbed some tea from Starbucks (I insisted on paying for my own drink at least) and we drove back to his place. Once we arrived, he once again open and closed doors for me, allowed me to walk inside first, and did whatever he could to make me feel welcome and comfortable around him and in his home. It was such a breath of fresh air, and I truly felt spoiled.

Long story short, we talked the night away and I enjoyed every single minute of it. Because he was so polite, kind, and conscientious of my feelings, I couldn’t help but enjoy myself completely. I was with a person who treated me as well as he possible could, even when he didn’t know me that well… and I did the same. His acts of chivalry and basic human decency, along with his lovable personality and charm, did more than just make me want a second date.

The guy I spent such a simplistic but wonderful evening with helped open my eyes to the fact that chivalry wasn’t dead and that good guys were still out there. So don’t give up ladies, and don’t ever settle for less. There is a wonderful, chivalrous partner out there somewhere for you!