Do You Have an Ex-Box Filled With Old Relationship Memories?

Do You Have an Ex-Box Filled With Old Relationship Memories?A few weeks ago I was listening to a segment on LIVE 101.5 in the early morning. A few of the morning anchors were talking about having once owned or about still currently owning an ex-box.  Now I am definitely not talking about the gaming system, the X-box. This “ex-box” is a box/container filled with pictures, letters, trinkets, and all sorts of memorabilia of a past partner or lover.

The Story Behind the Ex-Box

Two of the anchors/hosts on 101.5 were discussing the opinion that it is perfectly normal to keep one of these boxes, even when in a new relationship. They argued that the memories they shared with their ex boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, or wives were once happy relationships, where priceless memories were created. Although the relationship did not make it through to the end, the times they shared before that are memories that should forever be cherished. However, the hosts did not necessarily go into much detail on whether or not they shared the knowledge of this ex-box with their current partners.Do You Have an Ex-Box Filled With Old Relationship Memories?

On the other side of the argument was one other anchor, who believed all ex-boxes should be tossed, burned, and straight up destroyed. He
continually stated during the segment that the boxes of past-relationship memorabilia  should be treated like his past ex’s, “as if they were trash.”

My View of the Ex-Box

To be honest upfront, I myself have a version of an ex-box. I keep a box filled with memorabilia from friends, family, and also ex-boyfriends. Although I do not have a specific box with everything given to me from those past romantic relationships, I have kept almost everything from those men in various places around my home. I have stuffed animals, letters, pictures, jewelry, games, perfume, and artwork from these past partners. They all mean something to me and have positive memories attached to Do You Have an Ex-Box Filled With Old Relationship Memories?them. Because of their importance, I would just never throw them out.

However, every new boyfriend I have ever had, as well as my current partner, have been knowledgable of my memory box and of my past gifts from my ex boyfriends. I have clearly explained that I no longer have feelings for those past partners, but that those items represent different sections of my personal life timeline, and have helped shape me into the person I am today.

With the right kind of explanation to your current partner, keeping an ex-box of at least some past items gifted by an ex shouldn’t be a huge deal for your current relationship. Just make sure to be respectful about it, and stay in communication with your significant other.