Finding Your Soulmate in Someone Other Than Your LoverI have grown up believing that one day I will meet my soulmate, and that he will be the man of my dreams. I have grown up believing that once I find him we will develop a love absolutely unbreakable, we will get married, and we will (as cheesy and storybook as it is) live happily ever after. I have grown up believing that your soulmate will be found in a lover, in your other half, in your romantic partner who will stay around for better or for worse.

What I did not grow up believing, or evening imagining, is that I would find my soulmate in a completely platonic relationship. I did not know it was possible to find my soulmate in another woman, one I could not picture myself living without. I never imagined I would find my soulmate in my very best friend of all people. Now, I mean my “soulmate” as in  my soul sister. There is a stigma society has created that transforms the word soulmate into a romantic term, only for lovers. Yet, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a soulmate is “a person who is perfectly suited to another in temperament.” That is the exact type of person I was blessed with, someone I am perfectly suited for and vice versa.

She came into my life years ago, as a friend in the 5th grade. Now almost 11 years later, she is the only constant in my life when it comes to individuals outside of my blood-related family. My soul sister is the person who knows me the best– knows all my secrets, my weaknesses, my Finding Your Soulmate in Someone Other Than Your Lover
strengths, my favorite things, my biggest fears, and my wildest dreams. She knows what I’m thinking without me having to say a thing, and knows the exact ways to make me smile. This girl is someone I trust with my life, as well as someone I would die for in a heartbeat.

I share all of this with you, because I want to describe to you living, breathing proof of a soulmate… of a soul sister. I want people to understand that finding your other half doesn’t always have to be with a romantic partner, but can be with someone you still love with all of your heart. I would like for my readers to embrace the idea of a platonic soulmate, or at least consider it.

Granted, I am not saying a person can have only one or the other, a soulmate or a soul sister/brother. Love is a beautiful yet tricky thing; it isn’t the same for everyone. Just because I found my soul sister in this portion of my life, I a not giving up on the idea that I may find a romantic soulmate in the future. The point I want to hit home is that even if I never find a romantic soulmate, I can die happy knowing I found my soul sister. I can die knowing that I have merged souls with another incredible person, which is something pretty breathtaking and beautiful if you ask me.