These 3 Kitchen Gadgets Will Make Your Life Cleaner and GreenerThe trend and environmental movement to go green has been standing strong for over a decade now. We’ve gotten greener energy sources, greener modes of transportation, found greener way to conserve, and have greener habits. However, a highly wasteful aspect of the normal first-world civilians life is found in the kitchen. We are constantly throwing away food and using multiple resources at once. How often are you kitchen appliances on? How often are you using the sink in your kitchen? How often are you throwing away food? If you’re like me, your answer to all three of those questions would be “often.” Even as eco-friendly as I try to live my life, I seem to forget all about it when I’m in the kitchen! So, I decide to research some useful and tech savvy kitchen gadgets that will not only better your experience in the kitchen, but also assist in turning you into a “greener” chef.

ZERA Food Recycler

According to the ZERA Food Recycler website, “With Zera™ Food Recycler, you can recycle a week’s worth of food waste within 24 hours*through a fully automated process. That means better soil for your plants, less food waste in the landfill, and a greener future.” With over millions of pounds of food waste throughout American each year, this would be a worthy addition to your family’s kitchen.

Fagor Duo Combi 5 Piece Pressure Cooker Set

I had never thought of switching to a pressure cooker to save energy while boiling, steaming, or heating my food before. The website, which sells this wonderful kitchen gadget, says, “Fagor’s high quality pressure cookers are essential for efficient, fast and healthy cooking. With a pressure cooker, you can prepare delicious meals in up to 70% less time than traditional cooking. Cook vegetables in 2 minutes, rice in 5 minutes, chicken and beef in less than 15 minutes, and even cheesecake in 20 minutes!These 3 Kitchen Gadgets Will Make Your Life Cleaner and Greener

ALCHEMA – Home Cider Maker

This wonderful device will take your fruit, ferment it over time for you, and create actual cider! Forget bringing over a bottle of wine to your dinner parties. Instead, you can handcraft your very own apple, pear, pomegranate, etc. cider for all (over the age of 21) to enjoy! How many times have you thrown out fruit just because it was a little too ripe? With this device, throwing out fruit becomes a thing of the past.