Need Some Adventure in Your Life? Go on a Mayan ExcursionI was lucky enough to spend the last week and a half in the middle of paradise. I swam in the bluest oceans I had ever seen before, laid on white, sparking beaches, and felt the nicest tropical breezes against my skin. If you have never vacationed in Cancun, Mexico during the spring/summer time, then you are truly missing out on an affordable paradise. However, while there with my best friend for Spring Break, I knew I wanted to experience an adventure of a lifetime and do more than just lay on the beach.

I spoke to a few different concierges around my resort and the next-door resort I had access to in the Cancun hotel strip, and was directed to a list of adventurous excursions in the lush Mayan Ruins. The company that Need Some Adventure in Your Life? Go on a Mayan Excursionregulates and hosts these excursions is known as Aventuras Mayas. They offer adventure packages shaped and geared towards all different audiences in the Riviera Maya area. The adventure that my best friend and I decided on was the ATV Xtreme with zip-lining . In this package, we started off the day zip-lining over the Mayan jungles, went snorkeling in the cenotes (Mayan caverns), and then finished the tour riding ATV’s through the jungle to a secluded swimming hole and back.

For the two hour drive to the location, the 8 hours at the adventure site, a delicious buffet lunch, and the drive Need Some Adventure in Your Life? Go on a Mayan Excursionback, the company only charged us $136.00. In America, a trip like that could range anywhere from $300 to $400 easily! Once we arrived, we were given free lockers for our belongings, and were able to borrow life jackets, harnesses, gloves, helmets, snorkels and goggles, and of course the ATV’s. Again, I was just blown away that everything only costed $136.00 each with no extra tax or anything!
Some of the other adventure packages Aventuras Mayas offered involved swimming with dolphins, snorkeling in the ocean, rappelling through the jungle, and visiting the Mayan ruins. These are some of the highest rated adventure packages that can be purchased in and around Cancun, so if you are ever in the area, I highly consider adding them to your to-do list!